Bringing Back Old or Removed/Event Vehicles-Possibly with Convertible RP

I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but it has to do regarding Events. War Thunder comes out with these events that introduce usually about 4-6 vehicles, Or the Battle pass that only allows you to get 2 out 3 of these vehicles on the marketplace. Usually, only 4/6 of these vehicles will be listed on the marketplace after. Meaning the other ones, will not be available for purchase after the Event. The only way you can obtain these rare vehicles is if they come out with an event after for like one of the anniversaries or out of the garbage loot crates. These events usually require the player to play an excessive amount of time, or shell out over $100. It isn’t really fair to the player, especially due to the fact that life gets in the way and people don’t have 8 hours to grind these events per day. There are vehicles, such as the Tandem MIA, T55E1, Ersatz and Lorraine that people would gladly pay money to pick up, or do another event to obtain these vehicles, removing these vehicles from being available for purchase doesn’t make sense, along with the removal of non-event vehicles such as the Panther II, Flakpanzer 341, and Tiger 10.5. When you have things like the Ry2y kai’s that never existed in their form like they do today, with the game so focused on modern mechanics today, why on earth does it matter? The players are willing to play, pay, and grind. If there are enough people to rally behind this, it can make a change, I personally want to see a change and see people advocate for this sort of thing, we were able to make a change with the economy. Why can’t we do it with the event vehicles and the marketplace, there are Thousands of players who are collectors like me who would be more than willing to pay or play for these vehicles, also the majority of the events are very unfair to new players such as the Po-2 event around Halloween, which players easily cheat in by breaking their landing gear. It’s unfair to players. What can be done?


Also, Ash made a video regarding this subject too!

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Just NO. Event vehicles was available for a limited time for a reason. Since the SUMMER 2018 (and the IS7) event vehicles can be purchases on the market (except for consoles).

I don’t have certain event vehicles set up when I couldn’t play (thanks to my previous job), but I’m not crying for them to become available, I miss them, that’s life.

For the 3 removed vehicles (Tiger 105, Panther II and Coelian) it is another problem: they add by facility in the TT before implementation of other tanks for avoid a large gap between 6.7 and 7.7 in the german TT.

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If anything there should be event re-runs for non-coupon versions of vehicles.


Not all. Only the ones that are available in coupon form. Low tier rewards in the Summer and Winter “star” events haven’t been available as coupons in the last few of these events. They are only obtainable in that event and then lost.

Yes, effectively, but they are leeeeeeess hard to have as top event’s rewards. And as i said, if you miss them because you couldn’t play at the moment, that’s life, no luck.

And except for the 3 germans, you can already earn certains previous vehicles in festive crates.

I just don’t understand how you can have something like a E-100 or IS-7 on the marketplace as a Tournament vehicle but yet you can’t add something as small and as obscure as the T55E1, it doesn’t matter and it should be fair to everyone, if we can’t get all of them, then why have a marketplace in the first place, look at several other games, but they don’t have a marketplace but yet war thunder does, so why does it matter? It’s no different than having any other vehicle in the game, it makes it a more fun opportunity for people and makes the experience a lot more enjoyable, I have several thanks to the marketplace, but if anything, it should be available to everyone, as far as the German vehicles, your just sounding selfish at this point, because you think your better just because you have “removed German Vehicles” it’s stupid and it doesn’t affect the gameplay. it’s like saying it’s bad to drink lemonade because it has sugar in it, but you can drink all the Mountain Dew you want.

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Not to mention, with stuff like the M1-KVT and the Ry2y kai’s and several other vehicles and locations maps, and Match making, (Because I’m pretty sure the United States was not at war with Israel or Britain in 1943) Historical accuracy is out the window. so, after 10 years it does not even matter at this point, we as players have the money and the skills, let us pay, or let us play.

Ah yes, let me spend about 1 trillion SL to have a 1% chance to get a single vehicle. Yeah no stop with the event crates since you are more likely to win the lottery than to get anything from them. Even the normal crates(which cost around $2 more to open on console) have a low chance of anything(watched a video where someone opened 100 crates and got only one vehicle).

I’m a bit sad that I won’t be able to get panther 2 with night vision normally now…
Wasted opportunity for me in either case.

But, on the other hand, with more vehicles and prototypes appearing in the game and on the market, maybe some of these vehicles will get a comeback in the regular tree?

Totally agree, with the OP as well.

We need annual Rerun Events of old/removed vehicles.

“[…]The easier access a larger percentage of the playerbase has to a wider range of the game’s content, the better.”

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