Bringing a special event

I as a normal dude with no chance to get some of the old and difficult event vehicles feel it is unfair that some of the coolest ones are locked behind a massive paywall. I will admit I spend a lot of money on this game in the form of ge vehicles and such. I do this because deep down I truly love this game. There were a few vehicles I really wanted on different past accounts that I was grinding for but when I started coming close I needed to care for my family and work so I can continue living my life. I came close to getting the Pak Puma and the object 279 along with the vt1-2. I would spend all day grinding and loosing time with my family which always comes first. Now if I wanted to buy those things I almost got I would be down 1.174 us dollars. That is nuts! I just want to have the things I should have been able to get before. Its not fair that the people that can get these vehicles are the people that do nothing other than play this game all day. I just want an event that lasts maybe a month where these and other “rare” vehicles are available or are on a discount on the marketplace. Its just not fair that I need to spend roughly 73 hours of working just to get these things.
Please just give me and so many others a chance to get these legendary war vehicles that your devs spent so much time on that are limited to the no life players.
Thank you,

Maybe it be a small event even so that it dosent ruin the balance of the BR’s that these vehicles are at

Certain old event vehicles (especially unobtainable ones) should be brought back through some sort of event. I wasn’t playing at the time that alot of this vehicles came out, and I wish I had the ability to get them.

Thing like the Ka-chi or EBR (1954 and 1963) are impossible for people to get now.

And its not like its an e100 or is 7 which is 2000+ dollars just the “smaller” more quirky vehicles

  • Object 279 (and the black skin at 100$ for some reason)
  • Sd.kfz. 234/4
  • VT1-2
  • M8 greyhound
  • sd.kfz.234/1
  • bmd-4
  • m8a1
  • pt-76-57
  • flak pz 341
  • Panther 2
    -Tiger 2 105
    stuff like these where there at a max of 600 ish as its just not fair to the average players

I understand that the people at gaijin need money for their families and such but the items on the market place just pay the player selling the vehicle if im correct so there would be no finical loss by gaijin.

this was meant for the devs of this game