Bring back the Coelian/Flakpanzer 341!

He’s talked about far more than just the removed vehicles though. Fakes in general and unattainable/removed event vehicles. You don’t need to be a history channel Wehraboo to agree with that POV on game content.

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Indeed. I am not actively following TEC and know that there are negative opinions on him, but he does speek the truth here and has valid Points.

Could be a limited premium again or for research for free for a limited time.I would like a chance to get the Sd,Kfz.234/4 again as a premium.


The gun in game is just the standsrt placeholder model, IRL it was a bit smaller and have the recoil cylinders under the breech. The gun itself did exist, it just was never mounted on more than just a testmount. The 7,5 cm KwK 44 L/70 on the Panther F also has the cylinders under the gun instead of left and right.

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They should make them researchable for once in couple years like Maus. Gaijin shouldn’t add more fake vehicles.

I understand your perspective. From my POV, the tanks we have in the game are so far removed from their real-world counterparts, that fake tanks would make no negative difference in this regard, if they are implemented with some limitations: being based on IRL designs rather than straight up invented by Gaijin, being from a country that was capable of building them, no completely bonkers design that never became popular IRL because it doesn’t work at all… and most importantly, a mix of strengths and weaknesses that makes it comparable to the “real” vehicles, so we avoid any form of power creep.


I would like to have real life version of Panther 2 as well. That hull and Panther G turret at lower BR would be great.

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I would be fine with that personally, if they returned the Original Fake variant as well. Giving people the ability to choose is important. (Like with the TOG II recently)

Unfinished prototypes is where I draw my line. Vehicles that never left the blueprint stage shouldn’t be added because many of them have statistics that don’t match the actual capabilities of the vehicle. There are other points but I feel this is the most important one. That being said. Germany has quite a number of vehicles which we haven’t seen. The Coelian, Tiger 2 105 and Panther 2 proposal mix should be available for players in the same events where Maus is available.


There is too much of a gap in capabilities between the real Panther 2 and the in game one for them to make it a selectable modification of the other.

One can only hope. I would honestly pay good GE for a “legacy pack” too.

That’s sort of my point, I suppose. IRL, early T-34s lack a turret basket, which greatly affects the loader’s ability to do his job while the turret rotates around him. In game, Sturmtigers reload in less than a minute, and reload times more broadly are openly used as a balancing mechanism, when IRL that is one core capability of any combat vehicle.

German WW2 tanks should not be able to use max turret rotation speed if they’re using engine RPMs for something else (like, for instance, moving). Both Tiger IIs and Jagdtigers are much more mobile than they ever were historically.

APHE ammunition in game behaves in a way inconsistent with the laws of physics.

Modern vehicles with classified technical data have basically made up stats in the game.

That’s why I’m not worried about the capabilities of paper tanks. If you apply to them the same balancing process you use for all your normal vehicles, you will not notice the difference. Ironically the Tiger II 105 is a great example of what I mean: it’s fake, but not exactly OP, and in the eyes of most people it’s a sidegrade to the Tiger II Sla.

What’s important to me about a paper tank is that it looks and feels life-like and believable, just like the in-game Tiger II looks life-like and believable even though my rational brain knows no Tiger II would ever be this fast. For those 15 minutes of play time, I have enough suspension of disbelief that I’m drawn in anyway, because the model is gorgeous.

For paper tanks to share that quality they need to be grounded in IRL as much as possible. What if exercises, yes. Fantasy tank Pokémon, no.

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I can sorta understand your point but at the same time. Germany is not a nation where there is lots of br gaps but if there are any then I’m pretty sure there are already vehicles which Germany operated that could fill them. The moment we allow fake vehicles on open mass WT would become WOT 2.0 with abysmally looking abominations running everywhere. Oh God the Yoh tanks oh sweet Jesus.


I only used the TOG II as a loose example. In my unwavering opinion the Original 3 German Tanks have to come back, with more accurate variants being added as Backups.

Yes. In fact, the top beneficiaries of this policy would be the minor trees, not Germany. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to have the three removed vehicles and I think particularly when it comes to the Panther II and Tiger II 105, the gap is definitely there. But broadly speaking it’s not a country that would need a ton of paper vehicles, just the occasional sprinkling here and there. Italy, though? Japan?

Personally, I sort of hate how similar many tech trees are becoming, and would rather play a speculative, but well-made take on a potential Italian P43, than yet another Sherman tbh.


The real life German Panther II is just the hull.

honestly like the idea of them doing it the way they do the Maus, hopefully the Sturmtiger or the M10 panther reappears at some point as i missed out on the sturmtiger and would like to add them to my collection, i know that each tree has at least 1-2 vehicles that you just cant get anymore that due to them being limited time events or were removed

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we took it and threw a panther F turret on it, its at the armor meuseum at Ft Benning/Moore. whatever you want to call the base

so like the F16AJ right? even though its still missing the proposed hard points on the landing gear doors its entirely a paper vehicle as it was never built

Let’s see, the source material Gaijin used stated that there was an Oswind II in which they had both guns hanging above each other. With a single welded piece of metal. However, this is relatively vague to the positioning in the game to the side of one another. Another thing is you can ask all you want but it isn’t going to happen. Some statements Gaijin says are sometimes ones they truly stand by. Others are often at the moment at the time. Such as ->No top tier jet premiums which is often at the moment and time. However, goals change. They always do.

I see no problem in adding back the Coelian, since as you’ve said, the Ostwind II is even more fake (didn’t even leave the blueprint stage if I recall correctly). But to be fair other vehicles that were never brought to production should also come to other nations that desperately need it, like France.

Let me be clear though, I’m fine with the Coelian since there was a wooden mockup at least, and that’d been the functional version, but made-up stuff such as the Panther II or Tiger II 105 should have no place in game.