Bring back the Coelian/Flakpanzer 341!

The Coelian/Flakpanzer 341 is no more fake than the Ostwind II that replaced it in the tech tree, why not bring it back, at least for that special research period every year.


I totally agree. But in my opinion all 3 of them should return. They are a part of this game, and always will be. Gaijin cemented this fact in the moment they made the tanks aviable to players back then. Now it is only fair to have them come back for everyone.


I disagree, theres physically no way the 88 would fit in the Panther II schmalturm, and the 105 cant fit in the KT turret,


Doesn’t matter, because in War Thunder they can.


That argument could be used for quite literally any fake vehicle to be added.
There’s a custom mission in the WT Live where you drive a KV-2 that, among other things, has a coaxial GAU-8. Could it actually fit there in real life? No, but in War Thunder it can.

I do agree that the vehicles should be brought back, but this argument is weak.




Although regarding the Flakpanzer 341 Coelian, Panther II and Tiger II 10.5 it is not just a mere argument, but a solid fact.

Thesis 1: Gaijin added these 3 Tanks intentionally and openly as well as freely accessible to all players

Thesis 2: Gaijin made them functional in their game and all 3 vehicles both look and (supposedly) perform well.

Thesis 3: This must’ve taken hard work that an ever growing playerbase cannot appreciate.

Thesis 4: Gaijins change caused an unceasing discussion and constant fights within the community, and alienated a part of their fanbase.

Conclusion: The vehicles should be brought back in an openly accessible regular or permanent manner to address the communities discord/division, provide fairness to the players and restore truth. Because the Panther II we have (not) is the truth. That one is War Thunder history, not the historically accurrate version. The Coelian is the Truth, because it is historically valid to some degree. And the Tiger II 10.5cm is the Truth, because it was and still somewhat is in WT. The current german TT is a lie. A deception to players new and old. It is a shame. An “Untruth”.


You sure you aren’t blowing this out of proportion?


F16AJ, Ho-Ri, Kien-Kai: Yes you are right, remove us.


The Panther II is a lie. It was canceled because it was no longer needed.

The Tiger II is a lie. It wasn’t be even remotely possible. The gun was never even accepted into service.

The Coelian was a proposal with a wooden mock-up. I have no problem representing the real Coelian in game. Will you enjoy an SPAA with no functional guns?

Or do you support the rest of the players getting to make up tanks for their own trees?


The Panther II is real, just that what we have in-game is not real but the result of mixing up information on the vehicle, and in fact the Panther II is more real than the Flakpanzer 341 since the hull was not only built but is still around today it is currently located at the US Army Armor and Cavalry Museum at Ft. Moore, Georgia, it was captured by the Americans and they put a Panther G turret on the vehicle since the vehicle lacked a turret when they found it.


The Panther II was never intended to have the G turret. There was no turret for the Panther II.

The US put the G turret on it, so that variant should be a US tank.


And you clearly don’t seem to understand what Gaijin does and does not tolerate, they in fact do add incomplete prototype vehicles to be added to the game as long as they were partially built so their is nothing stopping them from adding a new Panther II which actually modeled based on newer and more reliable documentation on the vehicle, I see no reason for it to be added to the US since it would only serve to make people displeased since rarely does anyone suggest the idea that the Panther II should be in anything but the German tree and the fact is that opens up some stupid rabbit holes since for example going by the exact same logic your using then the Soviet tree should get the Maus since they put together parts of the first two prototypes after one of them was damaged in a bombing raid and then only used the vehicle in trials before putting it in a museum, yet nobody in their right minds has or would ask for such a thing since the idea itself is stupid, the only difference is that the Panther II had a turret put on it that it was never suppose to have.


It would make me displeased to see a fake tank be added back to the German tree. What recent documentation has come out that changes anything about it?

No, that isn’t true. The Maus was competed and trialed. The Russians assembled two separate vehicles, they didn’t complete an abandoned prototype.

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They didn’t suddenly realize the Panther II never had the long 88, they did it so Germany would have an end game medium. They knew the whole time.

It makes far more sense in the US tree because the Germans never intended for the G turret or placed it on the hull. The Panther II was a dead project.

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Wrong, there was supposedly a wooden mockup of the ingame Panther II turret, making it an incomplete Prototype like the Coelian.

Their existence in the game is a fact. And Gaijin decided to add the Panther II their way, not some copy paste Panther G or VK. You should accept that. Additionally, all 3 tanks are still being worked on through continuous bug fixes. So what would make more sense, bring back what is already readily aviable, or invest a ton of additional work and time to appeal some historical
accurracy nuts?


That’s not an incomplete prototype, that’s a mock-up.

If a wooden model is good enough, I want the Montana class and the XF108 Mach 3 interceptor for the US tree.

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And their removal from research is a fact.

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Another fact is that Gaijin originally did not intend to remove them, there is atleast 1 Twitter post about the Panther II proving this. Only due to the coercion of oppressive accurracists the tanks were removed.