Bring Back the Brick Piles in Advance to the Rhine

In the Seek & Destroy update, amongst the many controversial map updates, Gaijin also included the following:

Advance to the Rhine — brick barricades have been removed from the park area. The size of the bushes has been reduced.

While the reduction of bushes is kind of hard to pin down without side-to-side comparisons, it’s the removal of the barricades that worried me initially. And now that I’ve ran into the map a few times in the last few days, my worries felt quite confirmed. Without these piles of rubble, you can have an absolutely unhindered line of sight down the path to whoever uses it. This sucks defensively since you can no longer go down the path with your back covered by the debris, and offensively you can no longer peek out of the barricades to ambush unsuspecting enemies. Aesthetically, it also makes the park area feel barren and undetailed, which is just unsightly.


I think they should just redo that entire park area from the ground up.


They should just import War Thunder Mobiles version of Rhine, basically a completely different map but also much better IMO

Do you have a good image for it? I can’t seem to find a picture of the map layout from a cursory google search.

No, but what I remember is that the far right side of the map is a lot more open and allows light vehicles to flank much easier. Unlike current Rhine which has one lane for flanking and if an MBT goes down there you’re pretty much dead. And then the middle of the map, has much taller buildings so you can’t get sniped through them as easily. And the left side, where currently it’s just a brawl fest, is opened up a bit.

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