Bring back smart gameplay to ground battles

Come one come all to my latest deranged rant. TL;DR at the end

So what do I mean by smart gameplay, simple exploring maps and finding new spots and using them.
There were even very clear intentional sniping spots on some maps like El Alamein, you know the spot by the left top spawn where you can get up and snipe people, or even the back area of Sinai when you get the big version.

To me it feels like these are less places and more rooms with painted walls to make us feel like we are out in the open when it is the opposite.

Even worse flanking on some maps is near impossible, not saying all maps need clear flanking routes but pushing objectives to the furthermost edges of the map so people don’t complain about being flanked and dying is just absurd.

Granted I have played since 2013 so I may sound like a deranged man yelling at a cloud for changing, but you have to admit Gaijin in recent times has actively made the gameplay more restrictive and not allowing players to actually use their vehicles to their capabilities if those capabilities aren’t moving forward and killing like in that old flash game, that is what this game feels like to me right now, it was good for that flash game, but that is not what this game is.

Honestly having those tank traps block out of bounds areas was better because you could risk going outside to get more kills but in most cases you could not get back into the map so there was a trade off of not being able to get caps but instead being better placed for getting kills.

And then there is the just saddening traction system we have, do I need to go into this we all know how bad it is.

Gaijin has made maps more restrictive and allowing for less player agency on positioning, to the point of removing years old intentional sniping spots and smearing hills with vaseline, putting us into a childproofed joke of a mode if you want to do something besides going straight towards the enemy.

Yeah sorry if this was incoherent that is just how my brain is, hope the idea gets across


New meta way to play is bring 1 or 2 tanks, press W and see how many kills yah get. then leave before CAS spawns.


Yeah, Gaijin has removed a lot of the need to think for most maps. It is very frustrating.

That said, it is just the way things will go. Unfortunately, Gaijin has a tendency to favor new players (which is somewhat reasonable since you can realistically profit more off of them) , which often leads to spots older players know about getting removed to at least somewhat “level the playing field”, even though in reality it’s just a massive skill issue since they bought their way to the top in probably at least 30% of cases.

But there isn’t much we can do now, which is unfortunate

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Or just bring one tank and one jet, hodl W race to cap, see how many kills, if enough kills to spawn jet then J out spawn in a jet, kill or die then next game.


i agree… They have walled off or cut maps off so that sniping positions are basically non existent. Its absurd and quite annoying.

edit ive even seen someone work for their company state that tanks were not designed to snipe… which… No… just No


I chalk it up to the times we live in, I want it now mentality. No one wants to earn anything anymore and Gaijin caters to this group of people. I tried playing this morning using my spaa which I usually get 3-4 air kills with it but now nothing but hit the plane it catches on fire 2 seconds later they fly on like nothing hit them. This game is starting to be just like another I will not mention and hoping GAIJIN doesn’t nerf my game profile like they always do when I say something on here and get reported by some “I am offended” person.

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Yeah, because people complain about “unrealistic ability to climb,” but watch this almost 40° sloped hill test of a, not just a regular old centureon, but the Strv 104 with extra weight of blazer ERA.

(Timestamp 2:10 if you want to skip the other bits)

If this isn’t a show of how unrealistic the slippage of tracks in game is, then nothing is enough. Not to mention how shit the tourqe on engines are, because they climbed that in about 3-4 seconds, in war thunder it’d take 10-12.


they shouldnt be removing sniping spots or… spots on maps in general… they mostly need to make cover for spawn points and other areas, so people can get into cover. That is the fix… Not removing sniping spots (walling them off, or having the map cut them off, etc)


US military specs required tanks post like 1945 to be able to climb up 60 degree slopes, iirc.

Very true. But again. Not what’s happening

Yup, clearly. Its absurd how much they have changed maps. Sure they did make Some improvements, but them removing good sniping spots or just good spots in general is stupid and extremely annoying.

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Maps need to have more engaging gameplay, generally need to be larger, and would benefit from being designed like large Tunisia. Caters to everyone’s playstyle, and makes cas pretty easy to deal with.

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They ban bots but expect players to play like them

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This game is turning into something else, has someone sold WT? does it have a new owner? Because someone is at the helm and steering towards them dark clods on the horizon

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Well, maybe sovjet tanks weren’t xD