Bring Back old event Grinding method (Not Crafting Event)

I want to admit that this new kind of Score Grinding Event is not that good (Bc I don’t have that much time, I need to go to work and live like a human being) I want an old 3 out of 5 mission Mark for Event vehicle to save more time than get 0 Score and Outplayed Every single time when want to do some score in that game [ I want 3 out of 5 mission per Mark back ]


Completed my first task and took much longer than I thought it would. Asking for 40k is too much! It needs to be dialed back.

Gaijin needs to respect that people need life balance. We don’t just exist to grind War Thunder all day. That’s not how you treat paying players…


With all due respect but you guys know that the old system was whined away because the vehicles were too special, tasks were “too hard”, tasks were not balanced between the modes and vehicle classes. They then changed some of the tasks and made the rewards more mediocre => continued whining tasks were “too hard” so now we have the current system which sucks for everyone except GJ. Cant blame GJ tbh as they gave a hand and lost the arm up to the shoulder due to the inability of bad, entitled whiny players to adapt and use their brain. I never had a problem with the old tasks as I could do GRB and ARB in more or less 2 hours if I had a good run by just using lineups I´m familiar with and adapting to maps.

In short GJ wont change the tasks back due the community.


Regardless if not bring back the old grinding method reduce the score requiment to 35k or 30k if would be nice

yeah but 40k…it too much tbh people need to working , living with family , do other stuff you need to do, it just too much why not 35k? or 30k then

in fact the multiplier leads you to have fewer points the more you use high-end vehicles, go and see there are videos dedicated to it YT

As I said I wouldnt mind if they´d either bring back the old system or lower the amount of points needed, problem as I also stated is that GJ wont do it due to the reasons listed above.

Points system is better.


I agree, it is just target that is too high. should be 20k.

It’s below 12,000 if you play sim top rank.

It used to be less but gaijin increased the score amount for unknown reasons

I state that I only play the air event in RB, so with 16/20 games in 2 days 40000 points can be achieved without a problem with the F-84B rank 5. If you guys also want to do the tanks and ships events that’s another discussion.

IF you are working, having a family and other stuff you are then expected to PAY for it.

This game is made for single people with no commitment to other human being.

It bounced from number to number because they were balancing it.
Especially with the multiplier system.

Ehh… I’ve gotten stars done in as few as 90 minutes before.
This star was a few hours at most, and I was using inefficient aircraft to do it cause I’m just focusing on getting F-16A MLU.

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Huh?? Exactly the opposite - you get more points the higher ranked your top vehicle is.


I also get the same amount of star in few hours like this, in lower tier plane even, i honestly don’t get these people, like, just use tier 4 plane and blast bomber + ground target.

I can do the naval and pilot Star in 2 days but the tank task I would have to spend both days just to get it alone without any breaks.

Ground is a lot more time consuming.

In planes, just 1 kill is enough every game and you will get it done in couple hours at most. You can also ground pound for additional score.

In ground, it takes a lot more time for both to get kills and to finish games. And kills give a lot less score

I am the person who is not interested in sim battle thank you
the point system is better when the requirement is 35k or 30k for me

and also the old one can finish 2 stars in one gamemode save more time than this score system