Bring back historical/semi historical filters for decals and 3D decorations

There used to be historical filters when it comes to stuff like decals and 3D decorations, but now it’s gone, I just prefer not to see the most random junk on tanks such as gingerbread houses and prefer things to be more grounded. Can gaijin please bring back the historical filters, as now I can’t even see the decals.


Maybe Gaijin should drop the snail and use a picture of a tank with a gingerbread house on it. Sums the game up lately. How about Rainbow coloured Camo to celebrate diversity? How long before we see that in the game?

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That would be cool! I would use it.

People like different things you know

What you do in your home is entirely your business not mine.

The Gingerbread House or the Rainbow coloured tank?

The used to be all sorts historical apparently but it’s all gone now. Historical, realistic, authentic , not words Gaijin or it’s current player base want to hear unless its about DU in the M1 :)

A rainbow colored tank would look awesome!

well, why not? Some of mine look pretty silly. You can only really give up on the authenticity element of this game anyway. It’s about all the OP can do as well.

I disagree, but the great thing about the filter is, you get to see your rainbow skins, I just won’t. It’s a win-win situation ;)

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Its a good idea but not the way Gaijin seems to want to go. I mean we have WW2 tanks fighting ,80s tanks in Sun City and the latest tanks in Normandy 44. How is that for realism? I would be interested in a filter that can fix that mess.

there already is?
esc-options-main-customization-show content in AB/RB/SB
and then choose “except fictional”