Bring AA Tanks with Anchors

Ok, how cool would it be if Gaijin add a anchor mode to some top tier AA vehicles or vechiles that have anchor suspenders around that can then place them to be highly more accurate or have no recoil when firing. Because for example, the Pantsir AA Truck has 4 anchor suspension devices around the vehicle. and if we could deploy them the vehicle could have no recoil at all for its cannons. It would also be a further and cool addition to a more realistic game!!!

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That’s a good idea. Lessen the recoil, because removal of all of it would be a bad one.

Could be some rampart areas on various maps for SPAA to head to as well so they’re not sitting ducks against the tanks advance.

The sight bouncing around usually improves my aim. lol

Another note: Why nerf the missiles on them when the feature can be that they anchors need to be deployed for use. Same goes for any high tier AA systems

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It does, makes it more ‘varied’

While we are at it, deployed anchors (spades, outriggers, etc) should be required for the ZiS-30, otherwise it should be blown arse over elbows every time it fires.


The Swedish 40mm milk truck has this and it would definetly benefit greatly from it