Breda 90/53 (new event vehicle) BR is too high

Not sure who picked 4.0 as the starting BR for this tank in Realistic, but it’s completely wrong. Anyone with a brain could look at the German 4.0 flak bus and say “wow, this tank doesn’t have any armor compared to the flakbus so 4.0 is probably too high”.

One might also look at the existing 3.7 Italian tank destroyer with the same gun, more mobility, much better gun depression, 30mm of armor and a much lower profile. I am convinced that Gaijin uses a dartboard to decide on the BR for new vehicles because there’s absolutely no logic behind it.

Generally speaking, this new TD is garbage because it’s got no depression, no armor, is as big as a house and the optics suck for a gun this large.

The mobility of the 90/53 M41M is just worse, it’s a lot slower in top speed with basically the same hp/ton.

It’s the same gun but the reload of the 90/53 M41M is worse than the Breda 90/53’s by 2 seconds when both vehicles have a maximum reload skill possible (6 seconds versus 8 seconds), and 2.6 seconds with a stock crew (7.8 seconds versus 10.4 seconds). Even if you were to take a Breda 90/53 with a completely stock crew versus a 90/53 M41M with the fastest possible reload, the Breda would still reload faster.

While the depression of the 90/53 M41M is better than the Breda 90/53, neither vehicle has actually good depression, at -5º and -2º respectively.

I’ve played both extensively and I can assert that the new one is not good. It doesn’t have any strengths.

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For me the vehicle would be okey if they made gun rotation bearable since its way to slow for AA truck (they could also make it 3.7, buff gun depression or buff elevation speed). And for overall performance Im pretty sure the low tier event/bp premiums are made to be weak because gaijin dont want the low br brackets to be clubbed by some event vehicles that people cant get anymore.

Well is Battle Pass premium and Gaijin is known well for the Meme vehicles I agree with you 100% no turret rotation, bad reverse, and huge profile to use it you need flat ground and no gun depression overall I prefer the 90/53 M41M over this crap

Breda’s cannon is located much higher, which makes its depression way worse.