Breach and main gun taken out

You see in this picture the round hits the top of the mantlet and this round should have been deflected but it wasn’t it knocked out my breech killed my gunner, and it should have killed everybody in the turret not just the gunner the TC sits right next to the Gunners and TC should have been dead too you see this is what I’m talking about there is no deflection in the game when it comes to the main gun rounds and this is something War Thunder should fix and it shouldn’t happen. And the only way you can knock out a breach on a tank is to put a round right down the middle of that main gun tub or barrel in layman’s terms.

What kind of round struck the mantlet?

SABOT round it shouldn’t have mattered it should have been deflected that’s what I’m talking about when I say bad mechanics in this game. Like TC Cupola nine times out of ten, the tank will blow up if you hit it and no that round should have knocked my 50 Cal off the mantlet too but it didn’t anyway getting back to the basics you know how hard it would be to take out a main gun in real life it just doesn’t happen on purpose I have seen main gun tubes bent but I’ve never seen one taken out in battle and I was in the US army for nine years and in desert storm and yes I am a Tanker when War Thunder says realistic mode it should be more realistic right?