Brazil/Spain sub TT for Italy

Good afternoon, today i want to share with you the work i did with @spacesoldier117 and @X_pazzo1972_X for the possible integration of a subtree for italy.This whole project wouldn’t have been possible without the knowledge of two Great Friends and Experts in brazilian military history (One of which Is the writer of all the articles on the matter in tank enciclopedia) Darren Hazes and Kraedt

After some thought the best choice was to do a mix of brazil and spain, both for relationship with those countries and joint-ventures during the years both before, during and after ww2 up to this day; such as Iveco Guaranì (brazil), Centauro 2 (brazil), Centauro (spain), AMX (brazil), F-5EM (brazil), AV-8B (spain), EE-18 Sucuri (brazil) and Ascod LRF (spain) and Ascod MMBT (spain) to name a few.
This combination would not only fill the biggest gaps in the italian TT, like SPAA and Top Tier MBTs, giving Italy the much needed boost to its lineups, but also would not change the overall playstyle and flavour of the TT thanks to the addition of several light and fast vehicles that are the core of the Italian Tech Tree





4 things:

  1. Why YF-17? I don’t think it had any relation with any of these nations.
  2. Why not F-18 which served Spain?
  3. Add Mirage 3EBR-2. It was an upgrade with canards and upgraded avionics and refuel probe among other refinements.
  4. EAV-8B Matador 2? Since Italy only used AV-8B+ , you can add an AV-8B of Spanish Navy, that didn’t use APG-65 radar!

The YF-17 “prototype F-18” was actually tested in spain for a pitch sale, it could be added for ingame standards but it’s down to Gaijin at the end of the day.

The suggestion will be updated overtime but we wanted to stick to the current BRs.

We’ll look into it.

I guess it could be an interesting addition, thanks.


Nice! I didn’t know they tested YF-17. Thanks for the info!

About EF-18A , I don’t think it is outside out the current BR ranges in terms of capabilities , especially if we compare it with F-14B/MiG 29/F-16 ADF/MLU/M2K-5F . It has Sparrow capability so it doesn’t need to go AMRAAM ( with the current standards) and you don’t need a BR higher than them.

Yeah would be nice

Spain good sub-tree for Italy, especially aircraft rank 7-8

I think spain instead hungary and add portugues instead romania

For brazil should be part of a future latin american tree


this, at least this. hungary and romania are awful options for italy

These two countries have nothing to do with Italy, either culturally or militarily, so why do you want to add them?

Hungary would be the part of the Visegrad Group, and romania might be part of the Balkan Battlegroup

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which ones? hungary and romania? i’m against those countries to be added, i’m pro spain/brazil since they have a lot in common both culturally, economically and militarly

For example, Portugal, which has much more connections

If we take Spain, then apart from Centauro there is nothing else Italian in the list you provided. This country operates equipment, American, French and German.

uhm… no? i literally listed some of the vehicles italy and spain/brazil worked on together or have connections with. i’m pretty sure you can read, Spain and Brazil no connections with italy? my friend you might aswell dig a bit up history before talking

If Italy was involved in the creation / sale, I have no complaints, but you add, for example, ASCOD (Spain/Austria), Leopard 2 (Spain/Germany), EE-9 (Brazil), Mirage (Spain/France), YF-17/F-18 (Spain/USA), what do they have to do with Italy?

Italian involvement in Spainish civil war, spain using Italian aircraft. Spain also used several Italian trucks and light tanks, in some occasions also making their own modifications of vehicles either with Italian turrets or with Italian armaments.

Coldwar-modern day
Italy and Spain co-operate in several military fields such as with the Pegaso VEC, it using Italian turrets (SIDAM-25, OTO TC-20 in both 20mm and 25mm form license produced in spain). The B1 Centauro and buying its extended family in the form of the Freccia ARV, the IVECO facilities there which most recently came out with a new MLRS system based on an Italian truck. Their IFV program tested Italian Hitfist turrets. Spain also was part of the Eurofighter program with Italy. The A129 Tonal program initially had Spain joining, and put in service several Italian made Agusta helicopters such as the AB-212. Spanish companies regularly co-operate with Leonardo, some years ago a new IFV turret was developed with them. Spain also shows interest in the B2 Centauro to replace their B1’s. The Spanish Navy uses a lot of Italian equipment.

Brazil used several Italian aircraft during the era, some being made by Savoia Marchetti. Brazl also used Italian CV33 tankettes and other Italian equipment. They also helped liberate Italy during the end stages of the war.

Coldwar-modern day
Brazil and Italy had even closer military ties after WW2, Brazil bought several Italian aircraft such the the MB326’s, worked closely with each other and developed the AMX, which is still in service today in Brazil with their own updated variant. OTO Melara helped develop several military vehicles with their expertise such as the EE-12 Sucuri II, which uses the 105mm cannon made by OTO Melara, later used on the B1 Centauro. Speaking of which, Brazil tested the B1 Centauro in the 2000’s. Brazil nowadays uses the Iveco Guarani, Iveco Lince, both Italian products with their own variants with different armaments. Brazil recently also purchased several hundred B2 Centauro’s, of which 2 test vehicles will be sent to them soon. Brazil is likely about to make an order for the M346 aircraft by Leonardo, Italy is interested in buying the C-390 Millennium. Brazilian F-5’s use the Selex Grifo F also owned by Leonardo. Lastly but not least the Bernardini company was founded by Italian immigrants, which without them would’ve likely not lead to many of the wacky prototypes made by Brazil.



The problem here is that he thinks that a sub nation only has vehicles made in cooperation but that’s not the case as shown with South Africa, quite the opposite.
Otherwise I need an explanation about the Swiss Hawker inside the German TT and the Eland inside the UK TT.
P.S. the ASCOD platforms inside the suggestion are the ones mounting italian turrets.

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Thank you for of course, but read my last message, and answer the question, along with the author of the topic

Eland Mk - Manufacturer, Sandock-Austral - became part of BAE System (England)

Hawker - The national aircraft, which served until 2000, is related to England, but due to the lack of German attack aircraft, it got there

ASCOD - Components don’t affect anything, so no, in this case, the tower of the combat vehicle

Ah yes, applying rules how they fit your wacky vision, of course.

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