Brasilian Server

Gaijin, stop closing the topics of the Latin American Server.

We are tired of being other people’s training dummies and to make matters worse, paying the same fees as those who play with 30 ping.

Around here, I’m at 190 to 220 ping.


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All this is completely false.

Your comment translates as: South America is poor and in addition, those from the north need the “sudaca” filler, with 200 to 250 ping, to be their training dummies, as if it were “shooting the duck.”

You are an idiot just like anyone who thinks like that, you should inform yourself and stop repeating stupid things.


Me as an Australian reading this:


I completely agree.

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We dont have the chinese server anymore, only SA. Sadly, the SA also has issues with dead br ranges. Takes like 5 min for a 8.3-9.0 air rb match. Not to even mention the corpse that is naval rb.

They should move the thread to the Portuguese forum, not close it.

Maybe your big brain didn’t see the part where it says BRAZIL.

On this occasion I only bought the USS Frank Knox, the M1128, the M1 KVT, the F-5C and the German stuka and talisman for the MiG-23MLA and the M1A1 AIM.
Oh and a premium year, as always.

That’s a Gaijin problem. Why do we have to be the ones relegated? There are many ways to solve this, but Gaijin prefers that we continue to be filler for other people’s fun.

The cost of the host is negligible next to what the community contributes. Your big brain is a little bit colonized. Typical “flat” and conformist thinking. If we are paying the same value for “exclusive content” why not receive the same treatment?

In addition, those who do not contribute money, contribute hours of play, which are also valuable, very valuable. NOTHING IS FREE. Without those free players, those who pay would have no one to play against. Look at the difference in earnings and popularity between PUGB and Fortine. Surely your brain can grasp the idea.

I’d rather wait 5 minutes to start a quality game than wait 20 seconds and then die around every corner when running into another tank that saw me before.
Half the time I die, I die shooting but my bullet never comes out (because I was already dead, I just didn’t get the warning yet). The times I win, it’s because the opponent is very bad or because I play an ambush, hitting from behind.


YOu see, there is this lil thing called STATISTICS
You should check it out.

Dead NA server simply means that never, even in a million years, SA will get a server
Just drop it, please.
And I sympathize. Even us in EU, especially over the events, have PL spikes and occasional lag.

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It’s not worth arguing with you, I already said what I had to say.
By the way, your answers are very weak, although I did not expect more from you.

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I do not understand your answer. Why do you mention what I bought?

Dude, so the server is not dead. It’s oversaturated.

If you wanna play in american servers with 200 of ping fine, the rest of south america don’t want to, so don’t be a clown.

The same thing happens on the European server, you play tournaments or Ramdon battles with 280 or 300 ping against people who literally have no more than 40 ping. It doesn’t register the shot, it’s as if I had never shot, for those reasons I no longer put any more money in the game. Also a few months ago I reported that the American tournament server was bad and instead of fixing it directly they closed it, this is a joke.