Bradley Evolution


Which of these Bradley variants in the photo do we have in the game? Because I get obliterated by 30mm bmps. This claims it should be protected?

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The 30mm proc probly came from the facts that the M3A3 have better base armor with an air gap to mount Eras, better question to ask is what 30mm specifically, at what distance and what angle.

Well stated; I would have to know the STANAG(minimum) level requirements for the frontal arc of the Bradley variants in game and assume they would align with this BAE poster. Then look into which 30mm ammunition the bmp uses as to compare with the 30mm STANAG test with. I’m assuming this what you’re referring too?

30mm proc are STANAG level 6 iirc but I can’t find any info on whether the armor were tested with NATO 30mm or Russian one.

what i hate about the bradley is that it’s so very easy to kill and mostly wont survive when hit , it’s so fragile

We have M3 and M3A3 in game. I guess M3 is the A0 variant

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The reactive tiles line for the A3 does make me scratch my chin as the BUSK kit first came to be on the A2 ODS, should be earlier on that list.

STANAG 6 seems a bit confusing, iirc it’s protection against “30mm APFSDS or AP at 500” which is a bit unclear since it states “or”, and 30mm APFSDS and AP have very different performance. I will say, if we go by STANAG 6 meaning just 30mm AP, it does fulfill that role in game, as the M3A3 is fairly well armored against BMP-2M AP-T at 500m, with the upper UFP being a possible but inconsistent penetrating shot. (Also, the right turret cheek is marked as a penetrating shot, but the only place I can seem to penetrate is the point exactly where the upper and lower plates connect.)

It’s in the list for A2 ODS. 2nd in the black/grey section (5th from top overall), after Spall Liners

Huh, went back to it and yeah its there, cant read the list on mobile I guess.

The tiles are included for the base A2

We should atleast get a capable Bradley equiped with Spall liners and Tusk for more survivability and it’s br should be 11.3-7

I believe it’s saying either of those 2 rounds at 500 meters. It included the AP rounds because of the frangible effects I assume.

The STANAG requirements are all- around for 30mm ap

“14.5–30 mm all-around AP protection”

Iirc Stanag 6 is frontal protection at 500m at +/-30 degree angles from the centerline, not all around. And I will say, do we know that the Bradley actually is STANAG 6? All the slide says is “30mm protection”

Then why does it say “or”, which to me implies there’s a difference between the two. Also, on a personal level, I don’t really see how an inch of aluminum covered by one and a quarter inches of steel can stop 30mm APFSDS at 500m, though I am not a ballistics expert.

I’ve noticed many people often refer to thickness= equals protection.

Answer: technology

The make up of the armor for the original can be found. Although The newer variants are assumptions(armor make up).
All we really have is the STANAG to base it off of.

Doesn’t the M3A3 in game just have the steel applique armor, though? I’m not sure what level of technology allows aluminum and RHA to easily stop APFSDS.
And again, we don’t actually know what STANAG the armor is, as the slides just state “30mm protection”, without specifying a STANAG level or actual ammo.

I’m trying to tell you that no one knows for sure.

From the makers of the newer variant armor

There are two in game, the regular old Bradly, and the M3A3.