Braat Overvalwagen "Luchtverdediging", Dutch chonky SPAA

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​Hey everyone, today I’m going to talk about a Dutch armoured car turned into an SPAA.

This is the Braat Overvalwagen “Luchtverdediging”!

“Luchtverdediging” means “Air Defense”




A couple of Braat Overvalwagen Type A’s

The Braat Overvalwagen (Meaning assault vehicle) was an armoured car made by the Netherlands before the second world war. The vehicle was based on the Chevrolet COE (Cab Over Chassis) truck, most likely the 1939 “short” version. The trucks were rated to carry a load of 1.5 tons. Two main models were made of the vehicle, the so called Type A and Type B.

The Type A’s looked more sleek and pointy compared to the morebulky looking Type B models.

Three Braat Overvalwagen Type B’s

The Type A’s were made and used in the homeland, and the Type B’s were used by the KNIL (Royal Dutch East Indies Army). The KNIL always used far more vehicles then the the Homeland Royal Army, so the Type B was made in larger numbers. They were apparently produced in several versions from mid to late 1940 at several locations. The exact production figures are sadly very elusive.

The Type B’s were built in the Dutch East Indies and designed by K.N.I.L. Engineer Captain Luyke Roskott. The vehicles had a well-sloped welded hull. The front glacis was made of a 20 mm thick plate, which would protect the crew from small arms fire and schrapnell. The sides and rear were 12 mm thick, made with two 6 mm thick plates.

The driver was protected by a thick armoured vision port which connected to a hinge, allowing it to open and close. The commander’s position (which was right next to the driver) normally had a Air-Cooled 7.62 mm Browning machine gun in the front of the vehicle. But on the Air Defense model that we are suggesting here this seems to have been removed. A hole is now present where the machine gun used to be. While it is not very clearly visible on the photo of the vehicle, there seems to be a plate mounted on a hinge that could be closed which would cover the hole.

The rear of the vehicle was completely open, and would normally house up to 12 equipped soldiers. The sides had square or diagonal-shaped extensions which created more room in the back, which proved to be very usefull for this Air Defense model. The large open space was more then enough room for a heavy 12.7 mm water-cooled Browning machine gun. The crew had enough room to move around the machine gun. To top things of four extra water-cooled 7.7 mm Vickers machine guns were added to the sides, with two per side.

Exactly how many crew members this vehicle had is not known. Obviously there were two crew members in the cab (A Driver and Commander), then for the heavy machine gun there would be a gunner and a loader. And for the extra small machine guns, or just as extra loaders there are most likely two more crew members.

Just how many of these Air Defense vehicles were made is not known, and what happend to the one we see on the photo is also a mystery.



Length: 4.20 meters
Width: 2.20 meters
Height: 2.10 meters
Weight: 6 tons
Crew: Most likely around 6 (commander, gunner, driver, loader, 2 x machine gunners)
Powerplant: Chevrolet Mercury V8, 95 hp
Top speed: 90 km/h on the road (60 mph)


  • 1 x 1 12.7 mm water-cooled Browning machine gun
  • 4 x 1 7.7 mm water-cooled Vickers machine gun


  • Front: 20 mm
  • Sides: 12 mm
  • Rear: 12 mm

In War Thunder:


Ingame I would love to see this vehicle in a Dutch or BeNeLux techtree. If we were to add this vehicle to an ingame nation right now it really doesn’t add much value to it. It’s just a Rank 1, BR 1.3 vehicle most likely.

But if added to a Dutch/BeNeLux tree the vehicle would be a very usefull low BR SPAA. The Dutch have other heavy machine gun armed trucks that could fill this spot, but the Braat Overvalwagen is actually armoured unlike the others, making it a much better vehicle to add.

Here is a short little video of a couple of Braat Overvalwagen Type B’s that were captured by the Japanese.

Anyways, that’s all for today! Tell me what you think in the poll above

See you on the battlefield!



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Did the Japanese capture any of the SPAA variant?

We don’t know how many of the Braat Overvalwagen’s have been produced. And for this air defence one we know even less. Maybe only one was made.

As for it being captured, this might have happend but there is no evidence for this due to the lack of historical information.


Goin’ fast, shooting planes, a true dutch racecar based upon a truck. +1 for BeNeLux!

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