BR4.7 Navy, Arcade Battles - "[Encounter ] Norway" instead of a regular battle

I am not amused, that on BR 4.7 BR4.7 Navy, Arcade Battles, I now often are asked to play “[Encounter ] Norway” or “[Encounter ] South Kvarken” instead of a regular battle. It did not yet happen on BR4.3 and below. Whats so special with BR4.7? How about you? Please tell me your opinion.

I think in this BR we have some light cruisers…

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At 4.7 you get lots of games up to 5.7 with plenty of cruisers.

At 4.3 - 5.3 many fewer cruisers.

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And for cruisers, Gaijin decided to introduce “Encounters”? So real long-term battles?

But these battles may take long, with my slow coastal boats of less than 50km/h, it takes “hours” to reach the other side of the map… so most of the time nothing happens…

I am a tanker, there are no “Encounters” on BR4.7 and above.
My airforce is Rank I+II, so there I am far-far away from BR4.7…

TBH I really have no idea what games you are talking about - I play from 3.3 - 7.0 AB naval - there are not unusual games I have seen at any time.

I was jsut pointing out that from 4.3 —> 4.7 you have a jump in hte number and quality of cruisers you can face when you are uptiered.

on Naval Arcade battles, I quite often now get “Encounter” battles, i.e. endless confrontation, instead of the usual short-time battles known from all other forces too.
When I play BR4.7 with coastal and bluewater fleets


but I dont choose this from menu, but it is given random battle.

I leave instantly, btw, such “forced Encounter(s)”.

I have no idea how you get hat - I don’t have a naval Enduring Confrontation option for naval anywhere - can only guess you are doing something wrong.

He just means the naval equivalent of two-cap mode (Encounter; it’s not normally two-cap because you win on points or by killing all the convoy ships, I’m not even sure capping of the other point is possible) is like EC in that it’s a big map and slow play.

Encounter’s been there a long time. You get it from 4.3 and up. This is part of the reason from 3.3 and up you’re expected to play mixed coastal-bluewater lineups so you have first-spawn choices. So if you get an Encounter, play the bluewater first. Or quit out like OP is doing and take the crew lock, I suppose.

Everyone complains in all modes about everything except 3-cap (in air it’s 4-base bombing). Then they complain the next week about there being no variety in the modes. Then they complain about one- and two-cap again and demand they be banned. Then they complain that the games are all the same… Then…

Ah - shame he didn’t say so.
Well in that case - yes - you start to get a lot more of them about 4.7 and they don’t occur at lower BR’s!

They are great games - get lots of points killing convoys.

With Encounter, I dont see any “convoys”, I just see lots of red ships on one side, blue ships on the other side. No convoy from A to B, no accompanying of AI convoys by player ships, which one of the parties must do as task. And the other party’s task is to attack the convoy. Never seen this.

It takes several reallife minutes to travel from Red to Blue spreading zone.
Boring. Especially with low-speed coastal boats.

I dont know Encounters from ground forces, in regular random games up to BR7.0/ Rank V.
Are there such Encounters with regular random airforce battles?
The airforce task to destroy bases is different a) its not called encounter b) negative speaking, these battles last also a while, but not THAT long as probably navy enconters…

The equivalent of Encounter in ground is two-cap. Lots of people hate that and think it’s too slow too. The AI convoys in Encounter do move, just slowly. Is it an accurate depiction of convoy warfare? No of course not, it’s just more points you can get for score, and the fastest way to end the game normally. Some people like the change of pace, others do not. For me it really depends on whether it’s an up or down tier whether it’s fun. But I always play them out. Still better than the one-cap missions.

In air, you see plenty of complaints here about how there’s too many airbase capture or Domination missions in AB, because there’s nothing for bombers to do, or the new Air Conquest mode also should be removed. This is my point.

Saying all the mission types could be tweaked and improved is different from saying remove all the mission types except one, which seems to be where we’re slowly going.

Then I have no idea what you are playing - can you link to a replay? Even if you leave the game you still get a message saying when it is finished that has the replay link in it.

Ok there is indeed a blue convoy fleet to protect…
But why am I forced to join in a long-time battle of several hours?
But my blue convoy fleet is it really moving from X ( where they are now ) to Y ( where is it, this Y? )?
It looks more to me that I shall be the shepherd dog, who shell protect the sheeps which are behind me, staying at their position.

And attacking a convoi in WWII was different… “I think” from what I read about it

One of the reason to be tanker and sailor, and not pilot,
are “Domination” missions.
I leave them instantly…
as I dont want to wait until the last red enemy is away…

I believe you’ve misunderstood how this map works.
Blue and red convoy flees does not move from X to Y… they stay almost in their position.
The goal of your team is to sink them…
This battle has a time limit of 30 minutes, I do not know how you can play it for hours…

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As @CapitanVento said - in this game the “convoy” does not move.

There are several ways of playing it - PT boats often go through the islands at the top of the map, DD’s with longer ranged torpedoes go to the open area at het bottom of the map and send torpedoes into the convoy, larger ships with guns usually go through the centre.

Ships with good AA guns often stay near convoy to cover against air attack.

It is a large map, and if you only have slow vessels then that is a problem of your vessel selection - it pays to have a variety of boats and ships, usually requiring more than the minimum number of crew slots.

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A convoy which stays on one position is not a convoy, but a flock of sheep ( my original idiom so is true ).
It has nothing to do with the military situation in WWII.
Its annoying.
Its not even " Scapa Flow"…

I’m happy for you faith, but this game mode works in this way.

I always make a big smile when see people asking for realism and at the same time complaining about “how far the ships are”.

It needs to be pointed out that the distance the convoy moves is different for each map.

IMO the encounter is just badly designed (as are other naval gamemodes) apart from select few maps (which have their own issues) you need to be basically inside or even behind enemy spawn and in that case it is glorified team death match.

IMO the is no good naval map.

it is a convoy in roadstead/port

Just like the rest of WT - what is your point?

@ [Josephs_Piano]
My point is it does not make fun, to be forced to “endless confrontation” in an arcade game mode, where a battle should last “less than 10minutes”,

and of course that a battle, for which slow coastal boats are useless,
on a BR level where coastal boats are playing ( e.g. battle BR 6.0 and below ),
is a nogo for me.