BR update effects on Italy

I launched war thunder and felt like playing 6.3 but
well I guess I can play 6.7.
Screenshot 2023-08-07 221850
wow classic Italy.
Mabey I’ll just play 7.7 today
Screenshot 2023-08-07 222625
REALY!!! well might aswell add my M113A1
Screenshot 2023-08-07 222824
now this is just Annoying.
I guess I can play 8.7

Really 8.7 is just 9.0 might Aswell add my other 9.0’s in

Bro its not even April 1st. maybe 10.0 today
Screenshot 2023-08-07 223407
Why are there 3 10.0 IFV’s, I wish Dardo was 9.3 still

Dardo would be useful at 9.3 now

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It seems there was an overall need to push anything with access to HEATFS up, regardless of what it is and how easy it is to use. The AUBL had the offensive capabilities of a slingshot loaded with frozen peas, it could pen just about anything it saw, sure, but the damage was so anemic you sometimes need upwards of 4 shots just to kill something if you can’t hit ammo. Not to mention the lowish velocity and slow reload. The German Bulldog with 76mm HEAT was a much better vehicle overall, and that stayed at 6.3.

The 106mm equipped vehicles have good HEAT, but the low velocity and slow traverse makes it very tricky to use. I prefer the HESH regardless. There was no need to move them up.

I’m loath to point it out since I know they’ll change it once they know, but the entire Japanese 6.7 lineup with the same guns remains untouched. As it should be, mind, they’re all perfectly balanced where they are, and have no need to go up.

Once you spade it. Ariete will have 1300 hp.

stuff like this didn’t occur in any other nation

all nations got their br changed not only italy. For example whole germany 7.3 is gone
Just build new line ups

you dont get it “germany 7.3 is gone” italy is gone every br was changed so we can’t have a full lineup. i showed every line up and they are all gone nothing like this happened to other nations they Arnt enough vehicles to “make new line ups”

Gaijin not considering lineups when making all these changes is the most obnoxious thing, a little while ago they uptiered most of the 8.3 lineup of China to 8.7, yet made an exception for one of the vehicles to keep it at 8.3 by increasing it’s reload time, yet now without a lineup it would be forced to play 8.7 anyways + being nerfed for the classic double whammy.

Of course I know Gaijin has no problem with one death premium leavers as it’s probably their main source of income, but it’s really detrimental to the game.

Not to mention how you end up having to spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of silver rebuilding lineups and changing crew slots around for changes out of your control.

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This happened to Japan also. Fewer lineups and what they do have often has fewer vehicles. Imagine starting a new minor nation now. You have fewer vehicles to bring into a game and face bigger jumps in BRs, which equals a much steeper learning curve as you progress.