BR unbalanced - general

I also want to discuss the problem with BR. Why do I have to play against some players who have 6.3 BR as long as I have a maximum of 5.3 BR… I don’t understand this logic, and on the money side… why do I have to spend I don’t know what amount (a large amount of money ) to get to abrams? (I gave an example). And after I get there, I won’t be able to have fun because of other tanks that are much more op or CAS.

bc this is how the mm works. It takes your max BR in the lineup and can take you into matches with a top-br of up to 1.0 in br higher than your max BR.
If you would make averages, you could just bring one MBT/Maus and then add as many 1.0 tanks, so that your average is so low, you dominate everything with your mbt etc.

bc the more you have to grind, the more likely you are to spend irl-money to accelerate the grind (premium time or vehicle etc) and that is literally the income of Gaijin.

Tanks etc being op is a different topic btw (and more often than not a bad mm and bad br’s) as well as your definiton of fun, with CAS existing. CAP and AA (like the one in your lineup) also exists btw and are fun ;)

Because its F2P game that is living out of microtransactions.
You dont have to spend money, it will just make your progress faster.

The system works around +/- 1 B.R., so as long as You have 5.3 B.R. vechicle in Your line up, You are able to meet vechicles from 4.3 B.R. to 6.3 B.R…

You can spend around 70$ and buy Yourself M1A1 or smaller price to get M1 KVT (I would recommend that one).

When it comes to air units, just use them Yourself. Many people are protective over this topic because without it, they wouldn’t be able to do anything in game.

Pretty sure that averages do not work with a lineup…

It’s automatically based on the top vehicle. Then the MM looks at the pool of players available and how many matches need to be made of that. It knows it can take the largest number of that pool and assign anyone 1.0 above the highest number of that pool. The individual tanks a player has under that BR don’t matter at all.

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as others said, you have 5.3 Jackson in your lineup. Take it away, and your highest BR vehicle will be T14 with 4.7 BR, meaning you will be able to see only 5.7 games.

Game is build around the idea you go through varios time periods (and tanks designed in them) and work your way to top tier. It sucks in regards to time required to reach top tier, but i geniunely think it does a great job of slowly introducing new technologies so that the new player does not get overwhelmed.

Or would you rather jump straight to Abrams and play against players with thousands of hours of experience without knowing the difference between HEAT-FS and APFSDS? Or whats the difference between ESS and smoke grenades?

I agree! I just want to play my reserve 1.0 tanks… The 10.3 M1 Abrams and the 11.0 IMP1 are just there as backups.

Why does the game not let me play my reserve lineup? Most of my tanks are reserve. I think they should at least average out the BRs so I can play at ~4.7. At least then my main tanks - the M2A4 and LVT could stand a chance.

that’s what I wrote…

bc this is how the mm works. It takes your max BR in the lineup and can take you into matches with a top-br of up to 1.0 in br higher than your max BR.

You said this whole thing about making averages. Which doesn’t affect anything.

I gave a reason why it is bad to have averages in a hypothetical situation

is a term for not saying how something is, but would be, if certain things apply.
Therefore the classic proof of contradicion starts like that.
If (statement) then … then (contradicition), so the statement can’t be true.
So it must be wrong.
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This is not at all how it works.