BR-RANK system BR+1-1

It was a month ago that I decided to get into Israel cause of their tanks! , so I switched to Israel ,(I have played up to fourth place in Russia, USA, Sweden and Germany) I didn’t know what to expect!

Battle rate 7.7! <<<<<<<<<<

How do I deal with battle rate 7.7 in rank 4 with m152 bullets against 8.7 tanks in rank 6 with powerful m111 bullets and other similar bullets?
How :_)?

Please end this unbalanced and unequal system and whatever it is called (Battle Rate +1 and -1).

Can you be more specific? I haven’t found a single 7.7 vehicle that carries the M152 shell. All of the vehicles with that 105mm cannon seem to be 8.0. The M152 shell should be effective against anything without ERA, and the APDS round (M392A2) for that gun should be pretty effective against any targets you’ll face.

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I really apologize for the typo that happened, it is Israeli 7.7 tanks with m431 bullets
Or in other words HEATFS ,
my question is how should I deal with tanks that have APFSDS rounds?
This +1 and -1 battle rate system is very annoying.

The best way is by not being hit. I know that isn’t the most helpful to say, but good positioning will help. In an ideal situation, you should put yourself where you will fire first and are unseen until you fire. I know it isn’t always possible, but you won’t be able to do much else when encountering the APFSDS because they have such high penetration values.

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