BR range is still too big

I’m not the only one to ask them to reduce the range of BRs available in a given match. I’ve also suggested that some matches could be set up where everyone in the match was top BR, rather than having lower BRs added in. Lots of the folks running max-ranked vehicles seem to object to this idea, but both of these ideas would make things less grindy for the rest of us.

The problem is that, while there are changes that could make this game a lot more fun for everyone, keeping things grindy encourages more spending of cash, which is something the developers love.

In the meanwhile, there happily isn’t a law that says you have to spawn in when you’re the bottom tier. If I have a heavy tank ready to go, but the spawn cost is 100 SP, I know I’m bottom rank, and frequently don’t bother spawning. (If I’m trying to get mods for something other than a heavy tank, I might still spawn in, but it depends on what I think I can do with the vehicle in question.)

No laws either that say you have to stay in the match after your first death. If you feel the CAS balance is wrong, that first spawn time is the least threatened by aircraft. Even while doing 1DL, I have had my first death in a match come from the air, but after that first death, the chances of CAS coming for you go way up, and fast. Especially if you’re having a good match on the ground.

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Vehicles 1.0+/- BR of eachother should not mean not penetrating or not.

The issue isn’t facing full uptiers, it’s Gaijin causing BR decompression by not increasing the max BR range.

They are doing this in the coming update or at least are supposed to now that CAS has its own separate Ground Br.

Until Gaijin has increased ground to 12.7 BR vehicles will struggle because the technological gap is 20+ years.

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I too proposed at one time removing the 4-man limit for top-BR players in a match. We have a 75% statistical uptier rate because only 1/4 of a team max can be top BR in any given match. After which things like BR black holes then affect things.

Granted, I do think that the general community opinion of “I can’t frontally penetrate it somewhere with the worst gun in my lineup, it must be OP!!!” (aka BUT MUH JUMBOOOOOOO!!! folk which are IMHO far more obnoxious than Tiger Syndrome users) is partially to blame here.

We already have enough CAS topics, though.

I wasn’t typing about CAS here. I was pointing out how they might reconsider shrinking the BR range on combats if the folks who are bottom tier quit spawning.


Leaving without spawning into the bottom tier of a match is a way in which I cope with this.

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