BR Decompression

Fellow naval players,

There has been a lot more discussion on this forum lately about the relative merits of moving ships up or down in BR, but in my opinion, we need to concentrate on BR decompression first.

Gaijin added tier VI to naval, and moved some of the existing ships there with no corresponding BR increase. I think we need to add 8.0 and move the obvious (at least to me) candidates up to 8.0. At that point we have more leeway to shift things up or down slightly.

My fear is that, if they do add 8.0, they will next add ships like the USS Iowa and just plop it at 8.0. We need to revisit adding a 9.0 before those ships are added.

What are your thoughts on adding 8.0, what ships should be immediately moved up to 8.0 and why?

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BR decompression is great in theory, but if the same number of ships are stretched out too thinly battles will be very much lacking in variety.

What I would like to see is lots of gap fillers in lower tiers so a round of decompression will still allow decent numbers across the BR’s.

However I see 2 options and fallouts from the current ‘bigger is better’ strategy of every larger guns seeming like the one and only requirement driven by loud choices and high tier sales…

  1. No decompress and it just adds the same squeeze problems in to ever higher BRs.

  2. Decompress leaving many countries/tiers as wastelands (especially the already anaemic French).

Same will occur if a drop from 1.0 > 0.7 battle spread doesn’t go hand in hand with equal attention to lower tiers.

Right now I’m not hopefully for either change to come in to effect and be successful any time soon.

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Frustration due to compression, especially at high tier, is part of Gaijin’s ‘philosophy’. So, while decompression is a great idea, it’s unlikely we’ll see BR 8.0 before they add ships that should rightly sit at 8.7/9.0.

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Honestly I’m a bit worried the Iowa class won’t have any real peers other than yamato. It’s fire control systems were immensely superior due to American radars being better since they started using them earlier. It’s better than the Bismarck in almost every aspect, and only lagging behind the Yamato in survivability and firepower but not by a huge amount, and the reload of 16in is faster than 18in reload. Oh, and good luck if we get a post war or gulf war modification of the Iowa class. Although I severely doubt that will happen. Other than that, the AAA will be top notch with the 5in guns and 40mm bofors.

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