BR compression in Greenwater and why its so unplayable and nieche

I know this Topic of BR compression is being talked about a lot but obviously its mostly talked about Air and Ground, so here is it from the perspective of a Naval/Coastal Player.
Br compression in Coastal is very significant because Coastal mostly goes from 1.0 to 4.0 wich is perfectly reasonable since it hast to fit with the BR of the Bluewater Ships and Planes but there is still more to talk about.

For example the MO-4 sits at 1.0 in the russian tech tree with 2 45mm Guns and therefore is blatantly Overpowered to the point where you can obliterate anything below 2.3. This MO-4 class ships were built and used in the late WW2 meaning that its not just better than other ships at that BR its also much newer. If you go over to the Italian tech tree at 1.0 there are 3 MAS class Patrol boats, these things were built in WW1 and used till WW2. These are comparable to the American PT Boats meaning they have 2 Torpedos mostly 2 Guns in this case its a 20mil and a 50. Cal and therefore are outrageously outgunned by boats like the MO-4.

While this is only the beginning you can see how unbalanced these Matches can become. But at this point there wasnt even an uptier. While the MO-4 is absolutely shredding you lil Patrol boats, have fun playing against 2.0 Ships for example the Pr.1124 with literally two T-34 Turrets on it and steel armor or the british Dark Adventurer with its 114mm Howitzer and another 40mm Gun. If we now take a look back to the Italian tech tree (and yes I will mostly use Italy as a subject because its so underpowerded)
you can see the MS 53, an CRDA 60t class boat armed with two pathetic 20 Millimeter Guns (you can really only use one of them) and 4 relatively slow Torpedos wich you will need because getting lucky kills with Artillery and Torpedos is your only chance at this point if you dont get a Downtier.

If you get to 2.3 this is just unbearable, since 3.0-3.3 is pretty much the most played br of naval since the Bluewater Fleet starts kicking in with your 2.3 Ship no matter how good it would be at downtiers you are going to face Destroyers with 4 and 5 Inch Guns and Coastal Boats (witch at this points are also mostly cannonboats with huge amounts of Mortars and guns) and even the Japanese PG 2 (an Sparviero class Patrol boat built in 1991 equipped with a 2cm Vulcan Minigun).

While you can argue that this only happens in uptiers its undeniabl that 8/10 games played at 2.3 are Uptiers and most of them full uptiers wich (together with the fact, that researching an Coastal ship without Premium at this Rank costs 2 Digit Hours of grinding) just makes it really unplayable.

I myself dont yet have a solutuion for this because it would need a total restructure of the Game but maybe you have one and I would like to hear your Opinion on this Topic (even if you dont have any Coastal battle Experience).


Thank you for the post on coastals in WarThunder. In my eyes they´d need some more love. The vessels are as usual outstandingly well modelled an the choice is interesting too. But in quite a few maps you´re exposed to heavy shelling right from the start of a battle. Sometimes the coastal clash is good fun until a fast-firing destroyer comes around and kills the party. Maybe the modes should be seperated again but coastals are allowed in blue-water engagements?


I constantly meet “battleships” in boats 1.0-1.7. And I constantly lose. What can you do with one machine gun against a 2X45mm? But there’s nothing you can do about it. Japanese boats require humility and patience. hehe
Until developers have serious “boat sailors”, coastal shipping will not be reconsidered.

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The counterargument that is incoming in very harsh language will be that the small boats need to play smart and patient. Basically, ambush the bigger ships and torpedo them. Given the way that rp/sl are awarded in naval (time in game is the major factor), that argument has a tiny sliver of truth to it. Real world, the opportunity to do that is slim to none, especially since we are talking about destroyers, who are nimble enough to avoid most torps.
I disagree intensely with that argument because you are literally asking a cigarette boat to take on a coast guard cutter. There are plenty of examples in US history showing how that goes down.
Personally, I’d like to see a BR stretch. Maybe with subs? The models are made, and the viability has been tested with mobile game, so hopefully their introduction will ease some of stress. (hope is a virtue, darnit)

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Torps are near useless in both naval and coastal battles, the only thing I can see coastal ships profiting from is adding AI controlled boats to the game.

As you say, the coastal ships are simply too imbalanced or rather asymmetrically balanced where one side has speed and torps and the other has armor and guns, but the speed and the torps are just useless. Something new needs to be added for those ships to carry their weight in a battle.

I’d totally agree on that but then again there will need to be changes to the mode because dying as soon as you spawn is a big problem in a lot of these coastal maps and there isn’t counterplay to getting ravaged in spawn by Cannonboats and Mortars.

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