Br Changes

Dear Gaijin Team

The is no need to increase Tiger H1 & Tiger E1 and Now we Have to play with more Complex Tanks From Another Historic era so Please get it back to 5.3 its makes big Difference with this small change

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IS-3 was uptiered too. Don’t fear

Basicly all the vehicles you face are now mid to late ww2 not another era

yes. I was in ground RB last time, with 6.7 lineup. I had the ferdinand and I fought M103s. Here is what I found with my friend:
M103 penetration card by an elefant:
Elefant penetration card by a M103 (elefant being more armored than the ferdinand):
And to those who may say that the M103 is a full BR point up the ferdinand, I’d say: I KNOW. I know but I always get uptiered when playing german vehicle.

Oh, and it’s absurd to put the Tiger II (Nr.1-50) at the same BR than the Tiger II (H), as the first one has a massive weakspot in the turret, which can be pierced by shermans. But you never encounter sherman precisely, you enconter M-103s that obliterate you.

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Credit for the screenshots: BOOUUMM0507