BR Changes for current update

The br changes for the 5.7 region make literally zero sense. Why did you bother decompressing br’s between ww2 and post war vehicles just recompress them later on? Like do you guys think we’re stupid? zero respect for the player base? then the heli’s are being moved to 11.3-11.7 in general except for the ka-50? Really? What drugs you guys smoking in there? Do you guys need cocoa puffs?


This game is Junk and I cannot wait till the new tank game comes out, Goodbye Warthunder.

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You will never stop playing WT.

In part Devil’s Advocate , because I don’t think anyone really knows what they are doing, but effectively this actually aids the ability to decompress any lower ranks/BRs. But doing it in these stages (which sort of has to be done, doing all at once might also be a nightmare if say they bumped the top BR up and spread more out) creates periods where the newly compressed areas are going to be stuck that way for a LONG time.

But I do see the move upwards of some of the Rank III/IV mid-BR vehicles (e.g. Tigers up etc) does give some breathing room for lower down. But as it is done in small bits it just appears to mess up other areas temporarily (I hope anyway, thinking 8.0+).

So it seems the 7.0+ movements upwards were the start of helping much lower BRs, but not directly, not until they then moved up some sub-7.0 vehicles. So now we get the balancing around the 4.0-5.0 mark but now keeping the same compression at around 7.0 and with 8.0+ and around being extra compressed (generally).

And hey, the Wyvern is still at 4.0 even though I can’t think of anyone that wants to keep it there. Bonkers!


Agree, this may bring back playing RBGF from a game of checkers back to Chess again (lower BR). Mild uptiers to me weren’t bad as you just have to up your game from “one hit/one kill” to thinking your way around targets. After, they can fix some maps and really start to make it all fun again.
Maybe I’ll go buy me a Wyvern pack in the mean time ;)

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i really want GHPC to add more tanks and do a tank tree type thing with their projecct and make pvp a thing. their stuff is modeled and functions properly

Your baiting & ranting is something…

you were correct lol


It looks like some of the changes were a little arbitrary. Panther 2 moved to 7.0 doesn’t make any sense when Tiger 2’s are still 6.7. It’s the same gun and I could be wrong but the mobility seems like shit now. Also, with the Tiger 2 105 going to 7.0 doesn’t make a ton of sense when the Jagdtiger is still 6.7. So it wasn’t moved up based on the gun or handling. Fighting at a tier where armor is less and less relevant with HEAT seems to have killed a previously strong 6.7 tier. Just my $ .02

I think they might be trying to extend the br’s to like 12.0 and 13.0 but instead of planning it out and doing it all at once they choose to just do it a little by little and super inconveniently.