Br change

What were these people thinking, i came back to the game after a not playing for a couple months, decide to get back to my soviet tree, a is3 t54(49) and a t44-100, first thing i notice is that i am now queuing into 8.0 with late ww2 and early cold war tanks, a bit weird but okay first couple games go quite well until the up tier games start with 8.7 br consisting of half of the enemy team, yes i know the t54 has a new heat projectile but i still dont have it so it results in me not being able to pen jack shit because i am fighting against vehicles from the 60~70’s, what kind of balance change is this? how am i supposed to pen a chieftain or a m60? Is Gajin inept or malicious, How am i supposed to play the game when my shitty latewar and postwar tanks cant stand to cold war tech?


Please change the tag “air-rb” to “ground rb”. Thx!

Idk what you’re talking about, you’re acting like things are new that have been in the game for years

The element of it existed but now it’s to the point of the game being unplayable, there are enough people playing where up tiering shouldn’t even exist

No, the vehicles you described have been those BRs for years

the t54 got moved from 7.7 to 8.0 as of the most recent br change, unless i dont understand something

but you complain about fighting chieftains and m60s… it has always fought these. The m60 is 8.0 with you even