BR 9,0 - 9,7 // BR of DOOM

Hey community and all others !!!

In Ground Realistic, the current BRs 9.0 - 9.7 are the abosulte “BRs of death”. I don’t know of anything comparable where you are uptiered so often. And if you then want to drive 10.3 or 10.7 yourself, it goes straight on up.

It’s got a lot worse with the event. And to make matters worse, the nations that have a pure 10.3 or 10.7 deck are regularly matched together.

I wonder how bad the matching algorithm is at the moment. I once made 2 lists for myself.
List 1: Single Player GRB, less than 10% of all matches I play with my 9.7 full downtier
List 2: Squad GRB … Exactly the same.

No wonder hardly anyone has fun on this BR anymore and the ingame chats are full of hate speach and complaints. Why ?=?
Quite simply because support tickets are absolutely nothing. Frustration ??? Sure, but not only mine but from many. And I’m writing it down here because nobody else is doing it.


Yes, 10.0-.3 is popular due to premiums. It’s nothing new. We all know 9.0-.3 means constand uptiers.

Don’t see any point for this post, we all agree with this and I don’t think Gaijin cares much about it.

People write it all the time my man

I love my Italy 9.0 lineup (MTCA, VBC (PT2), 80/60) - it’s competitive, even in an uptier.

9.0 is a lot better than 9.3, being limited to only 4 10.0 tanks and the rest being below 10.0 where I think there really isn’t that much, opposed to entire games full of 10.3 followed by tons of 10.0s.

Yeah … but that is exactly the point !!! When so many are driving 10,0 or 10,3 there are enough player to match a game on that BR. And bother the lower BRs and pull them with such a high possibility rate into the matches !!! KVTs and T80s are facing L44 or Centaurios.
In a real pain the Chinas have a full 10,7 deck with 577mm dart. They are penetrating everyone.

But no … the algorythem for match making and therefore the developers are not able to programm the algo in such a way to say “Hey, when there are enough players on 10,3 + 10,7 then pull them together in to a match!”

It is just with all easy stuff in here: (1) Sounds are altering with every bug fix (2) T80s armor behaviour is above everything (3) Heat seaker missles from AAs cannot target helis beyond 2km and so on and so. And now the match making in this battle rating area comes on top.

9,0 … is able to go against 10,0. So good luck against T72 Turms, against the GBR 10,0 deck and so on … the point is not that there might be games full uptier.

The point is, currently the possibility of getting into a game you are fully uptier is way to high ??? i cannot count anymore how many people are complaining in ingame chat. At least every second game in Ground RB i here “uptier … no again/ 4th in a row uptier” and so on and so on.

Well, I’m used to fighting 10.3 in a Type 16 without armor, a useless shell but gEn 3 tHermAls as if that somehow kills enemies.
Compared that to an armored MBT with a good shell and mostly facing 9.7 and lower seems a lot better.

Neither should be happening, but it could be worse.