BP Point bombing challenge bug (SOLVED)

Hi. I am doing the last BP challenge - Point bombing, but have experienced the following bug:
When i play Naval AB and using a br. III aircraft (Pe-3 with 6x100 kg bombs) my kills don’t count.
I am sure i destroyed at least 3 times player vehicles.

In Naval matches there are quite a few Gaijin placed bots to fill out the games. It sounds like you may be destroying them and as they are not player controlled you don’t get the credit for it.

I am aware of bots, but i write that i was pretty sure there were player vehicles. With console icons before the name.

Pe-3 is Tier 2 - you have to be Tier 3 - so the 3.3 Sturmoviks are good - jsut finished doing it with them.

There is no rank 3 Pe-3. Did you mean a Pe-2 ? Some Pe-2 are Rank 2 and some are Rank 3, so maybe double check you’re in the right vehicle.

Also, some bots have obvous names, but others have player like names. If you wanted to confirm you’d have to go in the server replay and then check for a player card.

Aaaaaaagrh, right - Pe-3 bis is rank II. Was it always at rank II?

I’m pretty sure it was always Rank 2 otherwise I would have done lots of Rank 3 strike aircraft tasks with it (which I haven’t) :)

(I actually thought you meant Pe-2 at first as they have 6x 100kg bombs while the pe-3 doesn’t)