Boxer Tracked RCT-120: Modularity at its finest

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History: The Boxer armored vehicle project, initiated in 1993 by France and Germany, saw the UK join in 1996. After France’s exit in 1999, the Netherlands joined in 2001. The project produced twelve prototypes and introduced the “Boxer” name in 2002. The UK departed the project in 2003, while the Netherlands and Germany proceeded with orders of 200 and 272 vehicles, respectively, with the Dutch deliveries starting from 2013 and the first German Boxer delivered in 2009.

At the 2022 Eurosatory defense exhibition, KMW and Rheinmetall showcased a variant of the Boxer vehicle outfitted with tracks and a new turret, introducing the Boxer RCT-120 Fire Support Vehicle. This version integrates a turret equipped with a RH-120 mm L/44 cannon, a collaboration between KMW and Nexter Defense Systems. The design features a sleek, remotely operated turret with an autoloader, allowing for additional upgrades and enhancements.



Mobility : With the chassis weighing 28 tons, a remote-controlled turret weighing 14 tons, and powered by MTU M881 common-rail diesel engine capable of producing up to 880kWa 1200HP V10 diesel engine , It’s coupled with a Renk HSWL 256 fully automatic transmission allowing it to have 6 gears foward and 6 backwards


  • Autoloaded 120mm L/44 capable of firing DM53,63, 63A1programmable HE, HEAT and LAHAT missiles
  • 2 Spike LR-2 launchers with 700mm of pen after ERA
  • RCWS mounted on the commander sight with an M2 Browning 12.7 mm MG (commander featuring 3rd gen thermals)

General info : for the specifications, the rate of fire its yet unknown and will update once i get info, with elevation and depression angles of -10 and 20 and 360 traverse, the speed is unknown, aswell as fully autoloaded containing a total of 15 rounds in the turret vessel autoloader as well as a potential capacity of coaxial mounting of a 30 mm likely being the MK/30 ubiquitous with 100 rounds, the gunner seems to be using aswell the same sights as the PUMA ifv.


Protection : as for the protection levels of this bad boy are STANAG 3 at all angles in order to protect the 3 crewmembers Gunner, Commander and driver, It offers the same high level of protection as the wheeled version, safeguarding against small arms, artillery shell splinters, mines, IEDs, and ballistic threats. Additionally, it’s equipped with an Active Protection System (APS) for enhanced defense against advanced threat, so rest assured it can stand up 14.5 mm MG from all sides

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Boxer: wheels + tracks modularity = modularity² - EDR Magazine

KMW präsentiert neues Boxer-Modul auf Kettenfahrgestell

Update: Eurosatory 2022 – KMW presents tracked version of Boxer

KMW Boxer

Boxer 8x8 armored can be configured as 155mm howitzer or 120mm mortar carrier | weapons defence industry military technology UK | analysis focus army defence military industry army

Eurosatory 2022


+1, Germany is in dire need of support vehicles.
Also wasn’t Italy and Argentina looking at this vehicle to purchase?

Was going to write a suggestion for this, checked one last time to see if their alr was one. Good suggestion, hopefully the 30mm is interchangeable with extra atgms

the extra 30 mm refers to a coaxial 30 mm autocannon with 100 rounds

Yea ik it’s optional to have it installed


+1, would be a very welcome successor to the TAM 2C


Lmao i just realized this is a smaller maus with missiles

Frickin command and conquer super unit



+1 Maybe we will see get more info from this years Eurosatory event. Potentially some anti drone feature!

A 120mm autoloaded main gun, SPIKE missiles, a 12.7mm RCWS, AND a possible 30mm coaxial??? That is some SERIOUS firepower! Not to mention the APS! +1

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but also i recommend gaijin to look at ALL of the boxer variants, so many options to choose from has to be good to look at

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