Boxer Skyranger 30: Precision+Firepower

Yeah i was referring to the zut 37 the turret rotation speed of the zut 37 is not great neither is the vertical, 2S38, gaijin decided to not call it an spaa cuz it was already op as it is now imagine costing only 90 points to Spawn, so it’s understandable to a certain degree

if this is a Boxer platform-exclusive suggestion, it should be indicated in the title. Skyranger 30 is the turret system.

There fixed the tittle, the first name was Skyranger 30 because that’s how they promoted it and due to the lack of another Skyranger 30 platform it stayed like that until now that You pointed that out wich Made me remember there is a lynx Skyranger 30

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and a pandur evo and a piranha

this seems to be a newer variant of the skyranger 30 turret
it seems to change quite a lot. previously it was advertised to have only 2 stingers. this variant here seems to have space for 4.
i am not sure which version was ordered and what’s what.
pls send help my brain is on fire

that looks like the launcher from an avenger?

i am waiting for a video from clemens speer. Youtuber guy for military stuff. Apparently in contact with a rheinmetall representive that will help him on the Skyranger for germany video

Yeah altough it’s linked to the pic You send about the new mockup turret

+1 I’d love it

I am absolutely in favor of the introduction of the Boxer Skyranger 30! I never really warmed up to the Gepard and so as a fire and forget fan I only have Ocelot for air defense. After Vilkas came as an event vehicle, I was a bit disappointed anyway, because I had hoped to finally welcome the Boxer family, similar to what was done with the Wiesel family.