Boxer Skyranger 30: Precision+Firepower

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The Boxer armored vehicle project, initiated in 1993 by France and Germany, saw the UK join in 1996. After France’s exit in 1999, the Netherlands joined in 2001. The project produced twelve prototypes and introduced the “Boxer” name in 2002. The UK departed the project in 2003, while the Netherlands and Germany proceeded with orders of 200 and 272 vehicles, respectively, with the Dutch deliveries starting from 2013 and the first German Boxer delivered in 2009.

The Skyranger 30 commenced its development as a conceptual Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft (SPAA) system. It was formally introduced in March of 2021 under the designation “Oerlikon Skyranger 30.” This innovative platform showcased advanced features, including a remotely controlled turret and the incorporation of the 30mm Oerlikon Revolver Cannon (KCE-ABM). Additionally, the system demonstrated versatility by offering the capability to be outfitted with Short-Range Air Defense (SHORAD) missiles, thereby extending its effective range from 3000 to 6000 meters.


  • 30mm Oerlikon Revolver Cannon® KCE-ABM
    • Capable of firing: HEI-T, FAP, TP-T, APFSDS-T and ABM (KETF)
    • MK266, PMC308, PMC287
  • Short-Range Air Defense (SHORAD) missiles:
    • Stinger, Mistral and Chiron(optional)
  • Coaxially mounted 7.62mm MG

Main Features:

  • Remote controlled gun/missile turret
  • Elevation angles of -10° +85°
  • Effective range: up to 3,000m, with missile 6,000m
  • 30mm Oerlikon Revolver Cannon® KCE-ABM
  • Rate of fire: 1,200rds/min
  • Rapid single shot mode: 200rds/min
  • Integrated 7.62mm CoAx machine gun
  • Ready to fire ammunition: 252 x 30mm, 1,000 x 7.62mm
  • 2 integrated SHORAD missiles (option)
  • Integrated 360° AESA search radar -5° +85°
  • Integrated 360° fast infrared scanner FIRST -5° +18°(option)
  • Fully stabilized electro-optical sensor unit
  • Ku-band or X-band tracking radar (option)
  • Ballistic protection: up to level 4 (STANAG4569)
  • 2 x9 Rosy smoke grenade launchers
  • Two operator consoles in vehicle (commander/gunner)
  • Laser Rangefinder with up to 20km range

Other Features:
The primary electro-optical sensor suite designed for tracking comprises a High-Definition Television (HD TV) camera featuring a variable Field of View (FoV) ranging from 30° to 1°. Additionally, it incorporates a High-Definition Infrared (IR) thermal camera with FoV specifications of 21.8°/4.6°/1.3°. The central Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) search radar, operating within the S or X bands, boasts a maximum range of 20 kilometers and offers complete coverage spanning 360° around the turret, ranging from -5° downward to +85° upward, with this aswell being covered by the integrated 360° fast infrared scanner FIRST with elevation angles of -5° +18°. Notably, the sensor package is capable of independent rotation from the turret, with the ability to depress to -15° and elevate to +85°. In addition to possessing automated capabilities for target detection, acquisition, and tracking, all made possible by the fire control module.

The Skyranger 30, with a weight of 34.7 tons, is powered by the 530 kW (711 hp) MTU 8V199 TE20 Engine. This engine is paired with the Allison HD4070 transmission, equipped with 7 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, enabling the Skyranger to achieve speeds of up to 103 km/h.

The Skyranger 30 is built on a standard Boxer chassis, reinforced with AMAP composite armor capable of withstanding 14.5x114mm Armor-Piercing (AP) rounds at a distance of 200 meters, or meeting STANAG4569 armor standards. Notably, the turret is equipped with an equivalent amount of armor as the hull.




Skyranger 30-A3 (thanks to @Faster_Boiiiii for sharing the picture and sources)

Leichtes Wirkmittel 1800+ anti drone missile modification(Credits to @Faster_Boiiiii for sharing pic and sources)

Rheinmetall Air Defence unveils its Skyranger 30 (upgraded) - EDR Magazine
Entwicklungsauftrag aus Ungarn für Rheinmetall Lnyx-Skyranger-Variante | Rheinmetall
Small Anti Drone Missile Integration in den Skyranger 30 vereinbart
Rheinmetall und MBDA unterzeichnen Vereinbarung | Rheinmetall


Demonstration of 1200 RPM:


Will be a fantastic SPAA addition for Germany


Not just germany, hungary is looking in to buying them! Im guessing stinger and chiron to germany, mistral to hungary.


Hungary is looking into mounting the turret on a kf41 hull, not a boxer.

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Ah misread the source i looked at, i would assume the two manpads carrier variants would be interchangeable (possibly as a mod on the vehicle) for germany, with the Chiron carrier being its own thing with the optional radar improvement

hungary is planning on mounting it in a KF41 hull and its highly probable they use Mistrals

the radar improvement does seem to be equipped in the skyranger 30 germany signed a contract altough they dont know yet what missile to use, altough for the looks of it they might go either for the mistrals or at best chiron since they stopped their productions of stingers

+1, Germany needs a new SPAA

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Perfect for the German SPAA line, especially with the missile/gun combo! +1


Only 2 with no reloads? Or can more be carried in the vehicle?

Nothing about that yet since we don’t Even know what missiles Will it use altough it seems Chiron has a great possibility since they were speaking of using a VSHORAD and the Chiron it’s the only VSHORAD

+1 Will be a good sidegrade to the Gepard, just needs proper modelling of AHEAD rounds

I dont think the Skyranger is a side grade. It’s double the RPM at up to 1200 while the Gepard 1A2 is around 550, on a better platform (gepard has a old leo platform vs Boxer) with access to APFSDS-T.


You’re right. In terms of anti-tank capabilities it’s definitely a very solid upgrade (assuming Gaijin doesn’t gimp its capability to carry APFSDS-T), however it’s a bit lacking in the anti air role with only 2 SHORAD AAMs (which sorta makes sense, because this was designed as an anti-drone platform)

Denmark have also purchased the system, where they will mount them on their Piranha V instead of the Boxer chassis. However it have not yet been decided which short range missile they will choose.

So there will also be the chance to see the Skyranger 30 platform in the Swedish tech tree.

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No. It was confirmed by Gaijin (Smin) that vehicles not related to Sweden/Finland will end up as premiums or event prizes, SkyRanger doesn’t fit either category since;

  • not a rare prototype
  • too new to be a premium

This of course ignores the fact there haven’t been any news of Danish vehicles going to Sweden at all, they’re still up for grabs (sub-tree for Germany if the Dutch or Swiss don’t work out).

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While some of what you are saying is to some extent true, it is not entirely like the way you put it.

What he did say in may last year, was it was only for the time being that the Norwegian and other nations outside of Sweden and Finland would only be premium for the tree.

Link to source of screenshot

That means that further down the line that it is still possible for Denmark and Norway for that matter, to be added to the regular Swedish tech tree. However that will probably not be in the near furture.

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still wouldnt change that denmark isnt part of the swedish tree, so i am not sure what u are on about

Think you could mount mistral missiles and there was a design available to carry 2 extra missiles with it
so 4 in total

“In August 2023, MBDA presented a four-missile launcher mockup for Mistral missiles for the Skyranger 30, double the capacity compared to the original concept.”