Bought a pack on steam and didn't receive it

I had bought the T-72 pack on steam, and had waited two hours, posted a ticket, and the ticket hasn’t been touched. Have always played through steam, and bought on steam, but this is not coming through.

You have to use Steam login option to get the DLC, it only activates for Steam account that made the purchase. If your accounts aren’t linked properly and you have a separate War Thunder account associated with your Steam id, contact support.

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They removed steam login forever aho tho?? And i have only used steam with that account, it’s my og acct from 2016. And i put in a ticket 3 days ago almost and nothing. But you know what’s crazy, i got a reply faster here in under 24 hours, and the support hasnt replied to my ticket. (Ticket 1912800)

But again, i haven’t used the normal launcher, I’ve only ever played with steam and used steam login when I load in. Linked my accounts forever ago. When i first made my act,.

Our support is not 24/7 and right now they’re sorting out all accumulated requests from weekend. So please wait for reply.

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