Bough a Challenge for GE. How do I play it?

Ok. I’m confused. I want into my profile and then went into challenges. I purchased Operation Citadel for 249GE.

How do I play it? I can see it in my challenges list because I favorited it.
But I can’t see anywhere how to play it

On Xbox. I’m feeling worried you can only do this on PC and maybe they stole my GE

I’ve searched online for this can can’t find anything


I guess you just bought a decal for the GEs


Check the Achievements page.

I don’t understand?

Yes. That’s it. I bought it. How do I play it ?

Thats no Mission you bought. You bought the process of the Mission. If you do all of These Missions you‘ll get a Profile pic.

Oh I get it. That’s stupid. Waste of money. Thanks


Just to add (DschinniTTV5259 already replied), War Thunder is not selling missions anymore as it used to sell, almost 1 year ago Gaijin removed custom historical missions from the store.

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… are you serious?

To be fair, reading the thing, it does sound like a mission… but only when you’re under the assumption that snail would actually create cool missions and such, and not know better that every special event and celebration is just ‘play the game’ and you might get some AI generated nonsense.


Thanks for not flaming me on this. Was appreciated. Noobs. lol. I did feel like an idiot

Anyway it worked out ok. I put a USSR and German team together that worked with my other challenges. I had a medium and war bond challenge for shooting down planes and getting SPG kills

My German team had Nashorn, Tiger H1 and Ostwind II. I got Kursk points for the Tiger and Nashorn. The nashorn got me spg kills and the ostwind got me plane kills.

Also had a Soviet team of Kv1S, t34 1942 & 41. Only applied to the Kursk but was fun to play. All level II vehicles which I don’t play often since most challenges require level 3 plus.

So it all worked out. I completed all three challenges with these 2 lineups.

In all fairness I was brain dead after playing 35 Swedish missions with my 4.0 t34 one after the next after the next after the next lol
and no I didn’t bother using my kungstiger


Yes. It’s not explained anywhere and it was confusing. Lesson learned


The whole thing is just weird to make people jump through hoops for a month or whatever for some profile icon.

Would be way cooler if they actually did create things like Operation Citadel, have players faced with a mission to fight in the battle of Kursk in order to get rewards.
But another case of wasted potential.

Warthunder always makes me think of having this nicely crafted chess set, high quality pieces… but instead of getting a nice quality board to play on, it’s an old greasy pizza box pulled from the dumpster with some crude lines drawn on there with a pencil that may or may not have the right amount of squares for a chess board, and you also play this game next to the dumpster in an alleyway.


You’ve been Gaijined.I wonder how may people are conned by the overly complicated flood of bumpf this games throws up.

Buy premium and nothing more