Judging from what I’m seeing in games lately, either WT players have all been labotomised (which wouldn’t be for the first time) or there are an awful lot of what looks like bots getting around. Absolutely senseless play.


sorry man, we also hate them but we cant talk about bot problem stuff in this forum because you will get muted and your post will be deleted by staff

“the community”

If you think you have noticed anyone who is breaking game rules (cheater, bot, rule breaking player), please use server replay to report such thing to our Game Masters. They are checking reports and if report is valid - ban such accounts. Thank you!

Our rules do not allows to discus such things on our forum, due to this fact, this thread is now locked.

3.11. Users are not allowed to discuss the possibilities and methods of causing damage or losses to the Games, Administration, Website Managers, and other Users, including cheat programs, “bot” automation programs, ways to modify the client of the Games, vulnerabilities in the client and server parts of the Games, offering advantages in gameplay, and any other circumventing methods prohibited, directly or indirectly, by Gaijin EULA.

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