Boring map rotation

I’m just creating this topic to voice what many many players had been suffering for months.
This awful map rotation with same map multiple times is killing the game experience.
Really, when it happens I’m just quitting the game because I have no patience anymore.
It’s very stupid in reality, why do something like that?
Fix it. It wasn’t like that in the past, why have to be like this now?


Smoll spain? Smoll spain? City? City? City?.. AirRB

Sadly quality for Gaijin is not important anymore and map rotation is broken since long long time ago.

Today im try to play but i closed the game just after the map rotation give me 2 times Hutgen (disliked map) 2 times Campania (shit map) and 3 times Iberian (another trash disliked map).

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Is there map rotations? sometimes I get flanders 3 times in a row.

Also some maps just dont seem to exist. I have never seen red desert, and only seen pradesh once while playing at the BRs its available at

Anybody saw Gaijin talk about this subject?
Very interested to know what they said…

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I sure do hate getting Golan heights or Kamchatka for the 7th time in a row… Like seriously. I really do haha.

Implied, but not directly stated here, there are way too many horrible, poorly designed or point placement stunted maps which further aggravates the poor rotation problem.

Yep, another great point. Not a peep is heard from Gaijin on the roadmap or anywhere else. Core game issue not addressed.

I don’t think anyone had ever gotten a direct response from Gaijin on anything. I very much doubt they even read this forum.

Requires another S*storm like on Steam last year i guess because else i haven’t seen them do anything at all since im playing and hanging around here and Steam always the same issues being called out by the playerbase and not a single thing done but only when there was the review bombing they did something, suggestions are just ignored as well if its not about Vehicles and even there very biased it appears at times or some who have been passed years ago to devs still nothing done with them

Map Rotation wise i remember them saying in another posts about it that new maps are more likely to appear but otherwise all have the same chance or something along that

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