So i was wondering, the booster havent really got updated ever? It would be nice to see updated selection of boosters, cause now i think theyre a little bit not worth buying …


I think its just better to get 1 day of premium instead of any of these boosters, unfortunely …


1 Day of premium lasts 24 hours and just simply gives your more RP and Lions, you could play a lot more than 10 rounds in that time, thats how long boosters lasts and they only give you one of each RP or Lions not both.

If boosters selection would be better maybe they could be worth buying, its a bit more comfortable for someone who doesnt play that much.


Dude dont even think about buying booster what the heck. Its probably the worst thing you can buy for GE in this game. Rather go for premium account or premium vehicle…


There is a general consensus/bias the boosters cause bad games.

I have some metrics that actually support that and personally never buy or use them. I actually have a +200% and +150% that I’ll honestly just let expire.

Use SL-boosters with orders, as they are boosted too.

Us RP-boosters with backups, as vehicle life time is one key component to reward.

Thats what i meant, not worth buying … but it would be nice if they were. If for 190 you can get 24h +100% RP and SL boost, then for the same price i think something like 300% 10 rounds both RP and SL would sound reasonable. For someone who plays a lot 1 day of premium could still be better option. Imagine if we could get like 500% or 1000% booster?

I think there is 500% booster

There is but you cant buy it and lasts for 1 round?

Once upon a time all the 50% 75% and 100% boosters would add up to give you 300% total per booster (6, 4 and 3 repeats ) - long gone

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No you cant. But why would you buty it? If you want to buy something go for premium account. Best bang for buck…

I dont really play that much anymore, if i buy 1 day premium im gonna probably use like 1-2 hours of it. With booster which lasts for 10 rounds i think i would be able to fully use it. It seems to be a better option for me and other players who dont play a lot.

Boosters are always time limited.