Hello, I was just thinking if a 1M% RP/SL (1,000,000%) booster would pretty much unlock a a full TT?

No, probably not. It might get you through most of one if you have either like a 20 kill game in GRB/sim or something crazy in air RB/sim. But I don’t think it’ll get you through a full TT.

Also that size booster doesn’t exist, at least to my knowledge. You have to activate an ungodly amount of them to get 1M for either

Bet it still caps at 20k RP.

If, let’s say:

You get 22,489 SL in one match,

And have a 1 000 000% SL Booster,

With a fictional rank multiplier of 1.33x,

And game mode multiplier of 2x you would get 598,207,400.

Which I doubt that will be enough for buying all vehicles either ground ones.

Total SL cost was 529 million SL for vehicles, another 150 million for crew training and another 529 for expert crew about a year ago, spread amongst air, ground, naval.

Did you seriously do that math?


Where did you find that? Or how?