Bonus Golden Eagles when using Razer Gold!

From February 7th (12:00 GMT) until February 12th (12:00 GMT) you will get a bonus of 10% or 20% of Golden Eagles when paying via Razer Gold (outside EU/UK only) or Razer PIN (EU & UK only)!**

25 000 + 5 000 =
30 000 GE
25 000 + 5 000 = 30 000 GE
10 000 + 2 000 =
12 000 GE
10 000 + 2 000 = 12 000 GE

You will get a bonus 10% of Golden Eagles when purchasing 5,000 Golden Eagles or less via Razer Gold!

5 000 + 500 =
5 500 GE
5 000 + 1 000  6 000 GE
2 500 + 250 =
2 750 GE
2 500 + 500  3 000 GE
1 000 + 100 =
1 100 GE
1 000 + 100  1 100 GE
150 + 15 =
165 GE
150 + 15  165 GE

Also! You will receive a unique Razer decal for any War Thunder purchase via Razer Gold or Razer Gold PIN (if you reside in the EU & UK) in Gaijin Store! There are 6 unique decals and each purchase made via Razer Gold or Razer Gold PIN will bring you a unique decal. Go and collect them all!

Razer - Bite decal

Razer - Fury decal

Razer - GG radar decal

Razer - Solid Shield decal

Razer - Thunder Strike decal

Razer - Unbreakable Heart decal

Also! Additional bonuses from the Razer Team for users from the EU, UK and Turkey!

Note: Razer Gold and Razer Pin are two separate payment options for customers. Razer Gold can be used in any country except the EU & UK. Razer PIN can only be used if you are in the EU & UK**


How does it work?

Tried it, no option to pay using Razor Gold again.
I’ve bought GE before using Razor Gold.
I’m in The Netherlands.

I have never heard of Razer Gold before. Could someone please explain what it is and how it works?

Hi! As a EU citizen, currently you can use Razer Gold PIN (offline cards) in our Gaijin store.
You need to get the physical card, and after you select what you want to buy, open payment options and search for icon visible on screen (sometimes, it’s necessary to click show more methods before Razer Gold PIN appear)


When this deal was on before Xmas, I (and everyone else that reported) couldn’t even buy razor gold with a paypal account. Is that fixed now?

If you are in EU, you need to purchase physical Razer Gold PIN and use it to purchase stuff from Gaijin Store.

If you live in a country that support Razer Gold (not Razer Gold PIN), you can follow this instruction:

AFAIK if you are in EU, you can only use Razer Gold PIN (which are physical pre-paid cards).

now correct me if im wrong, but you can buy them digitally, you just get sent them as an email.

That is at the very least what i did. I want to be corrected because i have an EU Razer account, tho technically not located in the EU (that is the account type i got assigned upon registration). It took me far far too long to figure out i got sent the code (Razer Gold PIN) in an email tho.

edit: it is unhelpfully not labeled as a pin in the email you get sent, its in the “green box”. And its added to your “balance” in the account even tho its a Razer PIN (edit: but you cant use that balance you need to use the PIN you get sent in the email). That was the case the last time this offer was done for Warthunder back in November

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So is this offer only available in the EU and UK?

Will it work this time? IIRC this has been offered 3 times previously, but I’ve only managed to get it to work once…

It’s an in-house “currency” for Razor - who make a wide range of gaming gear.

Kind of pointless in this age of credit cards IMO, but I guess some must have a use for it… and if you can get it to work then by all means get a git extra GE if that suits you!

After purchasing the PIN and entering it where necessary, I receive this message and I can’t do anything about it.

I bought GE’s thru this offer using PayPal earlier today. I have never had a problem using PayPal to make an online purchase and Razer Gold has worked for me every time I have tried it here with Gaijin.
I am in the US btw . . .

Razer Gold worked badly all the years before and despite that they seem to have made some progress I´m still stuck with “order processing” whenever I want to make a 100€ payment via paypal.

Had this happen before all the time. The “This may take a few minutes” processing order would never complete even after days and when the event was long over and their support is non-existant.

This company just doesnt seem to get to work what´s no big deal for every pizza delivery service.

Has someone in the EU managed to make this work?
It seems you can recharge Razer Gold Pin in the razer website in amounts of 10-25-50-100, but I’m not sure if after recharging there it will work.

Thanks for the reply, Stona_WT but for me there is no option to use Razor Gold, neither the regular way nor the PIN.


Use the “buy now” on the listings and not the cart.

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Thanks, that helped !

I am sorry but I cannot help you on this step - it’s directly on Razer page. Please contact Razer support.

What you say is exactly why up until this thread I have avoided using Razor Gold. The website itself is next to useless on explaining things, their support forum is filled with unanswered queries from customers and their live chat points to a page with DNS issues.

However, for those out there struggling and I am based in the UK. First thing you should do is go to Gaijin store, press buy now and then see if you can see the Razor Icon as a payment option. If you do proceed to exit out the basket, if not, don’t bother with trying to use razor gold.

After closing the Gaijin store, you need to register a Razor account on the Razor website, then you purchase a PIN using the Buy Pin button. This basically lets you buy in 10, 25, 50 and 100 gold amounts. You cannot specify a spend. In the case for 25000 GE, you would need 114.03 razor gold. So basically you buy a 100 pin and a 25 pin (or I guess you could buy two 10’s, up to you).

They will email you the pin numbers for each transaction, though as DiamondLag points out, there is no mention of where to find the PIN, nor that these are your PINs. You also cannot find them on the Razor website, which seems idiotic to me, either that or it is in such a random place that I could not locate it after 10 minutes of looking.

Anyway when you go to Gaijin store and select the product to buy, you can then select the payment type which in Stona’s picture appears for me. Then you enter the PIN numbers up to or exceeding the value of the purchase amount. Don’t worry you don’t lose any Razor gold balance between the difference.

Anyway, you will then need to check the accept terms box. Now the first time I tried this I got some nonsense about needing a CRSF cookie because I disable Javascript by default. When I enabled it, I was then asked to perform some verification step for my passport etc which I basically told to F*** off and closed the browser. When I ran through the steps a second time I was not asked this step and it just proceeded to checkout.

I have checked in game and I now have 30k GE…just none of the decals or “extras” mentioned.