Bonus Golden Eagles when using Razer Gold!

What happens when you click the other payment options in the bottom right corner?

The razer system sucks,
I bought the 10 gold. OK
I bought the 100 gold. Pending for hours.
Of course it took the money from my card very nicely, but I haven’t got gold for the 100 yet.

I asked PayPal what the problem was as all my transactions to Razer were approved instantly by Paypal but ultimatively got cancelled after pending for a while. They responded to me that the receipient (Razer) cancelled the transactions - which came as absolutely no surprise to me. The whole Razer experience I had so far could either qualify as a scam or the most unprofessional company service ever.

The irony is that you cannot even contact their support to ask for the problem and help them fix their service because their support is non-existant. It always took at least a day for them to send you a pre-generated “we are so sorry for your inconvenience” wall of text and after a week of communication (when the event is usually over) the conclusion was always “We cant help you. Have a look at these remotely connected help threads instead”. And I sadly had close to a dozen tickets for their support over the recent years of Gaijin-Razer cooperations as the encountered troubles werent fixed even after such a long time.

Around this time last year I finally bought with VISA because PayPal just wouldnt wont work with them. The transaction worked but was unable to find the “Pay with Razer Gold” button in the Gaijin store. I now had paid 150 € for Razer Gold and nothing to get from it. I waited until the next time this event would come up but Razer changed in the meantime their system to the current PIN thing and when I finally noticed that in June and contacted their support due to my inability to make my 150€ work they wrote “If you have not reloaded the pin into your razer gold account balance before 22nd March 2023, the pin will no longer work. We will treat this ticket as closed.” basically telling me that my 150€ are gone for good now. Never experienced that from any other company.

There´s a reason why Razer Gold has 1,5 stars at trustpilot. They are not trustworthy.

I am in the EU, but I don`t get the option to use Razor Gold when I want to buy gold.
But when I want to buy a vehicle pack, I have the Option with Razor Gold.

Razer did not respond to my previous ticket and they had 4 days to respond.
I tried again, previously they wouldn’t let me buy the 100-eus gold pack, so I had to buy 2pcs 50 pack. Good now I have 120gold on the acc.
Warthunder/ gold/ 25k purchase/Razer/ then one by one I put in the codes I received from the email.
Then it says that further identification is required.
Alright let’s go through.
1, Enter the addresses name…
2,I had to enter document (ID, passport or driver’s license). I chose driver’s license and then photo of it.
3, Another paper (credit card statement, bank account statement or utility bill)
I chose bank account statement then photo… processing
I would start from the beginning.
Then it says re-identification required: oh but it won’t let me for 24 hours because the identification process hasn’t been completed yet.
It’s a big piece of crap. To give out that much data is a violation of privacy rights.
Why is shopping here so cumbersome ?!
So I have 120 gold stuck in my account and I don’t know what want razer…

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Unfortunately, Razor support sends me away with nothing, I have 100 euros in my Razor Gold account and I cannot use it to make purchases in the Gaijin store.

Use the PIN in the green box of the email you get sendt from Razer after you purchased the gold.

And use the “buy now” when picking items to buy. Yes its not very customer friendly.

Read my post at the top.
I know everything what to do and how to do it, I received the PIN, but after entering it in the right place I receive a strange message as in the screenshot attached to the above post.

Ah my bad. Yeah i dont know how Razer expects to have good outcomes doing promotions like this with Gaijin when this is the outcome.

I had no luck doing refunds with Razer so the best i can suggest is waiting untill the next time they do a promotion like this.

Too much hassle. Pass.

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