Bombs and air crafts in Ground Arcade

Hey everyone,

Has anyone else noticed some changes in the latest update? Now it seems like bombs go off as soon as they hit the ground—no timer or anything. What’s up with that?

Also, how come some players can bring a high-level 10.0 plane into a game that’s supposed to be at 7.0? It doesn’t seem fair, especially when tank players have to stay on the ground while others can just hop into a plane and drop bombs like it’s no big deal.

If folks love flying so much, there might be some sort of cost for taking to the air. Like, if you lose your plane, you should also lose your ground vehicle. What do you all think?

Planes spoil the game, PERIOD!!! Go play aviation if you want to play in planes. Planes also bomb spawn, yet you cant arty spawn. Why is that? you shouldn’t be able to bomb spawn in planes. But will Gaijin listen, no. Too busy making trees look like Epileptic Second Hand Car Sales Inflatables.

The problem is not the planes, it’s the way they were implemented, too easy and fast to get them, no costs at all for using them, and can be completely manipulated to favour one team or player. Recent changes could have been made better, they just needed to remove vehicle type from the player marker, no need to remove marker completely to fighters, especially since they kept them for bombers and attackers.

This was probably made for avoiding players to sit on their own spawn at the end of matches, I would remove all type of protection to spawns except physical ones, no invulnerability, if the enemy was able to reach the spawn they should be able to shoot any tank the same way as in other place of the map(as long as they protect spawn with the terrain or any kind of structures to avoid spawn snipping).

Do they even test the changes before making them live? That’s one of the worse changes I’ve seen so far to this game.

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I understand why you cant arty spawn, its not rocket science. But the “You are Spawn protected for distance and time” doesn’t wash with me. You spawn in, you start to move out and next thing 1000lb bomb and your gone.
Another joke. Your brawling side by side at close quarters with an enemy, next thing BOOM, your taken out by a bomb from an enemy plane and your dead, except the enemy your were brawling with isn’t and they trundle off into the distance…

Who would know. I see OddBawz made a comment about map changes on one of his latest video’s, when a few of them complained to the Devs the Devs said “well you do the maps”, they said fine give us the tools to do so, the Devs said “No”. LoL, Gaijin to a tee.

Trust me, I know how it is to be killed by bombs, or rocket kamikazes, probably half of my tank deaths are to planes and since Gaijin changed sounds, and cause I don’t use an headset I no longer hear the bomb whistle. I’m also against some of those strategic bombers being an option as CAS in Ground Arcade, 1800kg, 1000kg, 2000lb, 1000lb among other very powerful bombs shouldn’t be available. Already had bomb runs with 8 kills, already killed the same players twice with the same bomber so I know how unbalanced they are.

That’s another of their trends, to ruin every map’s best spots. I lost the count of good spots and areas that got restricted cause they would probably be too effective. You spend years learning maps and then they change them, you have structures that can be shot through and then they change it, and then you end with similar structures that in some maps you can shoot through and in others you can’t… and then they wonder why people leave matches.

Bombs are on about a 10 second timer from when they are released - if they take 10 seconds or longer to fall then they explode on impact. If they fall for less then they take up the remainder of the 10 secs before exploding.

The types of plane available at leach level in AB were updated some time in the last several months - can’t find the devblog right now, but they types available are pre-determined by Gaijin and players take pot luck.