Bombing, air modality

it’s litteraly impossible grinding with bombing, after the nerf on the base it’s impossible all the time, when i want to grind some unit/silver, i need to wait like an eternity for 1 base to respawn, and finish the game with nothing cuz someone else got the base, why gaijin u are trolling us? 2 month ago(if i remember correctly) u buff the air bombing, after 2/3 week u nerfed it, that bullshit, getting mad for this game it’s a fcking meme

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yeah, It’s totally impossible to bomb some times, and players even kills you for going for the same base. IThe bases shold just istantantly respawn so you don’t have to be killed just for waiting with bombs for bases to respawn and being killed by a f missile just passing by

Works fine here. Just litter the bombs on the base.