Bomber spawns on Normandy tank battles

Every time I spawn in a bomber on Normandy, I’m 3 battlefields away. I can break out some maneuvers and get the fighters to overshoot me and try to ram me, while taking some damage. They then still have time to sweep back around for a second pass, all before I ever get even remotely close to the battlefield. It is absurdly far away compared to just about every other map. Maybe it’s alright if you spawn over the ocean, but if you spawn over land, you begin in a neighboring country.

Side climb. You force them to decide to either climb up after you or do the CAS thing. Either way, you contribute.

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Oh yes. Let me fix that for you.

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(I presume you mean AB GF and the odd random positioning of attackers and interceptor groups?)

yes. The bombers just enter from extremely far afield inland on that map. Other maps the bomber spawns practically on top of players. Fighters have all day to shoot at the bomber. In my most recent match, 2 planes shot at me, each had ram attempts, and both turned around after passing me to shoot at me a second time, all before I was even close to nearest tank.

There has always been a contenious issue regarding the spawn positions of air waves, on the AB forums. You might get more traction in that section/previous threads since people might mistake this for other modes.

-One spawn a bomber gets free reign and interceptors no chance.
-Next spawn the complete opposite.

Before taking into accounf what the escort/interceptors do (aka one/both might just strafe GTs).