Bomb whistling stuck playing

So in ground RB every once and a while the bomb whistling gets stuck and keeps going. watched the server replay and the sound is not there. the whistling is when im in a tank not a plane so it sounds like the bomb is being dropped away from me then when it seems to get to a point like its far away it gets stuck and it doesnt stop playing. I was in the 2S38 i dont remember what i was in the first time. Anyone else having this issue?


Its been around since the update. I’m sure its reported. Sound guy will “fix” it by moving the bug somewhere else soon I’m sure.

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Exactly. It’s like the return of the old bug where the default skin is shown, even though you have selected the one purchased from the Gaijin Store. It was patched a few months back, but it’s returned.

It’s been around for nearly 3 major updates now, contrary to previous comment. But STILL not fixed. They’re too busy making awful BR changes apparently.

This is the curse of a missing bomb. It’s been going on for almost a year now. Nothing can be done.

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