BOL Flare/Chaff nerfed arbitrarily

So Gaijin have nerf-batted the BOL chaff/flare launchers on the Harrier GR7, Tornado F3 and Gripen. Probably a few more I’ve missed out.

The individual flares now are near-useless on account of lesser effect. PLUS they have doubled the flare ‘count’ fired on a single press.

  1. Now BOL flares have less effect.

  2. Now you munch through them at 2x the rate as you try to compensate for their lack of effect.

Would the devs like to furnish us with a source as why they feel one of the most common NATO countermeasures packages is suddenly pants. It might be good for a clarification.

Is it a case that Gaijin FEELS that they can’t be all that good? We’ve had that one before…

Do the devs now ASSUME that a candle in a jar and a flare might look the same so presumably must work the same way? Yeah…the ‘Stinger’ solution in action…

Or are we just at the point where some dev BELIEVES that the West cannot possibly design a compact IR/RDR countermeasures upgrade that delivers a decent flare/chaff signature? See also Abrams and Challenger for how accurate Gaijin’s BELIEFS are…

Or is just NOT A BUG. That’s a meme because it’s true…

Venomous joking aside - I do have to ask why these changes are wheeled out and knobble a load of top-tier vehicles in one fell swoop. Particular with no source. No rationale. No logical reasoning provided.

(I mean the Gripen is strong - but that’s not because of the countermeasures compliment - it is the flight performance. The Harrier isn’t exactly a super-plane and the Tornado F3 DEFINITELY IS NOT in need of any nerf to it’s defensive ability…)


Wasn’t an arbitrary nerf, more historically accurate now.

In the same way that the large calibre flares have more luminosity than the standard ones, the small BOL flares have less.

DEFYN tested the actual differences, and its nothing substantially different.

They burn out quicker, and they drop in 4’s instead of 2’s to keep similar total luminosity per drop.

But when you’re carrying 100’s of BOL flares, dropping 4 really doesn’t matter that much. The only people that affects are the one’s that just turn on ‘periodic drop’ early on.

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Their are not BOL flares make a burst of heat so its not accurate at all


It was, quite a major one actually. The difference in Flare strength for BOL should be minimal compared to a standard flare but they have nerfed the chaff on BOL by 75% even though the difference should be more like 18% less than a standard Chaff Packet.

All in all. They have nerfed BOLs through the floor for ALL aircraft that carry them, just because of the tactics used on Gripen and Gripen alone. Harrier Gr7 has 4x BOL and has had them for over a year and they were never nerfed.

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‘Historically accurate’ according to who?.. do tell…

Bearing in mind that exact documents and statistics WILL be hard to find legally due to the system being very much currently in use.

I also have to disagree that it isn’t a nerf. Cutting a vehicles flare ‘count’ in half would be considered a massive nerf to any other vehicle. End of.

Combined with the fact that you now need to pump them out more so than before to get the same effect - particularly vs. the ECCM IR missiles.

I strongly suspect Gaijin have just randomly pulled one of the usual tricks and made it up. Otherwise they’d be more than happy to provide the source for their decision? Yes? No?

Just because they can’t work out how to do something in Russia doesn’t mean it is mysterious technology to the rest of us. How hard is it for Gaijin to get their head around that?

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historically accurate is when standard flares from AN-APG nato/eu standards have in game the heat-up delay issue that russian flares had. Instead of implementing it on soviet aircraft (pretty much the only ones with large caliber flares) they decided to make it balanced for the events that happened since someone didn’t knock the door before coming inside someother’s house.

“there’s no difference”

these flares make r60m’s still hit you from rear aspect from 2.5km away.

Quote from Defyn: Take my opinions with a grain of salt.