Bo 105 BSH-1 - Helicopter Dogfighter

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Bo 105 BSH-1 1

During the late 1980s and early 1990s the West German Bundeswehr realised the threats to their air power were ever increasing from both the ground and the air. To combat these new threats, a new kind of helicopter was needed: the escort helicopter. The concept behind the escort helicopter was simple: it would accompany anti-tank and transport helicopters and use anti-air rockets or infrared guided missiles to eliminate any aerial threats.

To fulfil this role, it was decided to use the venerable Bo 105 which was already in widespread service in the Bundeswehr for anti-tank, reconnaissance, and transport duties, the Bo 105’s excellent flight characteristics making it ideal for engaging in ‘dogfights’ with enemy aircraft. This new Bo 105 would be designated as the Bo 105 Begleitschutzhubschrauber (BSH-1) and was tested in various configurations, mostly with the stingers mounted on pylons on either side of the fuselage.

Perhaps the most advanced configuration however, was a Bo 105CB modified with a turret made by Lucas Industries on the underside of the fuselage which could hold four stinger missiles. This variant of the BSH-1 also featured new landing skids for increased ground clearance, and a helmet mounted sight for aiming the turret.

With the end of the Cold War and development of the new PAH-2 helicopter progressing, the BSH-1 program was cancelled in 1993.

Bo 105 BSH-1 2


Crew: 2
Length: 11.86 m
Height: 3.00 m
Airfoil: NACA 23012
Empty weight: 1,276 kg
Max takeoff weight: 2,500 kg
Fuel capacity: 570 L
Powerplant: 2 × Allison 250-C20B turboshaft engines, 310 kW (420 shp) each
Main rotor diameter: 9.84 m
Main rotor area: 76.05 m2
Maximum speed: 242 km/h
Never exceed speed: 270 km/h
Range: 657 km at 1,525 m (standard fuel, maximum payload)
Ferry range: 1,112 km at 1,525 m (with auxiliary tanks)
Endurance: 3 hr 30 min (standard fuel, maximum payload)
Service ceiling: 5,200 m
Rate of climb: 8.00 m/s
Armament: 4x ATAS


Bayerische - Flugzeug - Historiker e.V. - Versuchsmuster

Verbindungs- und Beobachtungshubschrauber BO 105 M

Bölkow and MBB designations | Secret Projects Forum


What a curious armament system! +1

I would like to see this as a loadout option for the existing Bo.105s.
There’s also more loadout options that Bo.105 should get access to :


Do you think this variant could also use the ATGMs at the same time? I’d guess they developed the stinger turret to free up the pylons to continue using ATGMs on them.

A helicopter with only x4 stingers for armament would be quite limited in the game

In a nutshell, no. Considering that the role of this helicopter would be to shoot down other aircraft, it was probably thought that the extra weight from ATGMs would just weigh the helicopter down.

It would be fairly limited in game, but it seeing as Germany doesn’t have access to ATAS until the Tiger, it could be nice to take out if there are enemy CAS around in lower tiers.

I tried suggesting this but it got ditched. Because reasons, it’s the tests done for this system but with a BO105PAH1A1

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Yes, there were four configurations of the BSH-1 tested. The one I suggested was the final configuration and in my opinion, the most interesting.

This is such a cool find, nice picture. I did not know this configuration was tested in BO105s.

Did you suggest it as a new vehicle or as a new armament for the current BO105 PAH-1A1? I think giving the 1A1 currently in game this new armament option would be very fitting. It would give it a much needed defence against other aircraft and a x3 ATGM + x2 Stingers would be a compromise I would be willing to do vs the x6 ATGMs. Also it would give it a bit more differentiation to the PAH-1, maybe that could go to 9.0 and the 1A1 could stay at 9.3

What do you guys think? Making a suggestion for a new armament for the current 1A1 sound quite interesting and promising…

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Not as a suggestion since it’s not a new weapon system, but it might be accepted as a bug report.

Ok, even better! Would any of you gentleman would be interested in making the bug report? I havent ever made one…

I tried making a suggestion but it didn’t go through maybe someone else has more luck. This is sadly the only information I have on the system. I didn’t think it would be a better as a big report😅.

Did anyone make that bug report?

There were several in the past, but I don’t know how Gaijin managed them. I have also made a couple of attempts, including the list I mentioned above to be added for the Bo.105s as alternative armament:

With the new loadout system, it should be easy to implement and will let players have more options to choose when they decide to spawn in battle.