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The BMPT, sometimes nicknamed the Terminator, or Terminator 1, is a Russian armored vehicle, designed to support tank operations, primarily in urban areas. Its main mission is to engage hostile infantry. It is a versatile anti-personnel vehicle that can engage multiple targets. The BMPT combat vehicles can change tactics of combat actions and significantly increase efficiency of tank units. Kazakhstan became first operator of this unusual combat vehicle. Three units of this tank support combat vehicle were delivered to Kazakhstan.


he vehicle is protected by passive and reactive armor ( 4S23 “Relic” ). Interior is fitted with Kevlar lining which protects against spalling. It is also fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems. The BMPT has equal protection to main battle tanks.

The BMPT has a new turret with externally mounted armament. It is fitted with two 30 mm cannons, two remotely controlled AGS-17D or AGS-30 30 mm automatic grenade launchers, four Ataka-T anti-tank missile launchers and one coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. The 30 mm cannons have a dual-fed system and can fire a wide range of ammunition, including HE-T, APDS, HE-FRAG and AP-T rounds. The Ataka-T missiles can be fitted with tandem HEAT, HE-FRAG or thermobaric warheads. The Ataka-T has a maximum range of 5 km. Vehicle can engage three targets at the same time, as each weapon is aimed separately.

Shipunov 2A42

Ammo for the 2A42

9M120 Ataka

Computerized fire control system of the BMPT uses proven components of the T-90 main battle tank. It enables to engage targets under day or night conditions.
This tank support vehicle has a crew of five, including commander, driver and three gunners.

The BMPT uses chassis of the T-90 main battle tank. Vehicle is fitted with a new V-92S2 multi-fuel diesel engine, developing 1 000 horsepower. It is also fitted with auxiliary power unit, which powers all systems, when the main engine is turned off. Vehicle has a built-in self-entrenching blade and can be equipped with a mine plow.



This vehicle can also receive the UBH armor modification like seen on other top tier Soviet MBTs.


Yes, Russia needs this and maybe in the future a Terminator 2


Given that we have the QN506, I see this on the horizon for certain. +1

+1 I want every single termi variant in game, they would be so cool and cause all the havoc.

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You will find this useful for those missing details: УралВагонЗавод

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Russias auto cannon options are really lacking at 10.0+. We only have premium and squadron vehicle. BMPT would make an excellent tech tree vehicle