BMP-2M should have the highest BR of all IFVs.
But, since IFVs don’t really fit into the top tier meta well, It should go up to 10.3 while also lowering the BR of other IFVs by a notch.

I’ve never played an 11.7 match and not seen a BMP-2M or a 2S38 in the RU team at top tier.

They are also competing quite well in 11.7 matches. Only reason they are 10.0 BR is so gaijin can make more money

Putting BMP-2M at 11.7 is hilarious. It has common issues that all IFVs have, and as I said, not a single IFV should come close to max BR. They are simply too flawed.

At lower BRs they are much more powerful because they can outpace medium tanks while also being on par with non-autocannon lights. That allows them to flank successfully, dealing with softer targets first, before more armored stuff can even show up to the party.
At higher BRs MBTs will catch up mobility wise, which eliminates one of the biggest advantages IFVs had in lower ranks.

That being said, missiles are much inferior to darts as well. You can fire first, but still get killed in the meantime because your missile still haven’t landed, enemy noticed you and practically just clicked on you.

I didn’t say it should be 11.7.

I did say I always see it in top tier. In literally every match.
If it was a random meme like the m22 I wouldn’t see it so often.
If it was trash at top tier I wouldn’t see it so often.

People bring it because it can compete well against 11.7 MBTs, aircraft and helis

10.7 or 11.0 would be some what better

the BMP-2M has the strongest ATGM in the game, and can fire while moving , literally no tank can survive a hit from it.