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Welcome to the suggestion post for the BMP-1PS! This is a Finnish modified version of the BMP-1, featuring a removed autoloader, a 9M113 Konkurs ATGM, and a set of Wegmann 76 mm smoke launchers on the right side of the turret. Gameplay wise, it would play similarly to the BMP-1P, but would provide the Finnish sub-tree a decent light tank around 7.3, which could help compliment vehicles such as the T-54 or Swedish vehicles such as the Strv 101, Strv 103A, and Ikv 91.



A Soviet BMP-1 in Afghanistan, 1980s.

The Soviet BMP-1 entered production in 1966 as a revolutionary concept, one of the world’s first dedicated infantry fighting vehicles. It was soon exported all over the globe, with numerous variants being modified to suit each country’s needs. Finland was one of these countries, and receive their first shipment in June of 1981, with another shipment arriving in summer of next year, for a total of 40 BMP-1s in all. A further 110 BMP-1s were acquired in 1992 through 1994 from stocks used by the former East German Nationale Volksarmee.

A BMP-1PS without the Konkurs ATGM.

While in Finnish service, these BMP-1s were often subject to upgrades. One of the more notable examples was the BMP-1PS, which was an upgrade carried out by Patria Vammas Oy through 1994 - 1997. This upgrade was visually somewhat similar to the Soviet BMP-1P, but was modified from a standard BMP-1 instead. The autoloader was removed as the Finns didn’t find it reliable, a set of Wegmann 76 mm smoke launchers were added on the right side of the turret front, a Lyran 71 mm mortar was fitted to the rear of the turret for launching flares, a white reflector was added to the lower front plate, with red reflectors at the rear on the left and right of the doors, and the location of the rear marker lights was also changed. One major firepower improvement was the addition of the 9M113 Konkurs anti-tank missile, mounted on top of the turret. Versions upgraded to BMP-1PS standard use the registration code of Ps 151-xxx, whereas BMP-1K1 variants use Ps 150-xxx

The BMP-1PS stayed in service with the Finnish Army until it was slowly replaced by more capable IFVs such as the BMP-2, as well as newer CV9030s. As of 2011, it was still in service, but in very small numbers, with one donated to the Parola Tank Museum the same year.

A BMP-1PS at Parola Tank Museum.












If there’s going to be a BMP-1 in the Swedish TT, I would like it to be a Finnish variant for just a bit more uniqueness to it rather than a pure copy-paste. This is exactly that! +1

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Cool variant. +1

+1 for this and the Finnish BMP-2.



+1 For this and the finnish bmp 2


Oh yes, forgot to ask what fire rate of the 73mm with this vehicle have? Since the Autoloader is removed.

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