I’ve watched videos of this tank firing its ATGM (2nd version), and the missiles they shoot fly straight and true from the launchers, whereas mine take a nose dive about 50’ in front of the vehicle. I also noticed that my range finding is (at times) wildly off…on the high side.

Did something change?

They did change how missiles maneuver a couple major updates ago. The rangfinding can be fixed by increasing crew skill in that area. Laser rangefinders are not effected by crew skills and are accurate if you have a clear unhindered view of the target.

I know that they added a mechanic not very long ago for some atgm carriers. When the atgm is fired, it will switch to an atgm sight which is more in line with the launcher. I think they only added it for vehicles that had a separate sight. For the bmp, that sight will be higher than the gunner sight.

And as @Laserdestroy said, atgms were changed a good bit a while back. Any old video is out of date for missile performance.

My gunner is about 50% on range finding. Its just crazy how off it is. Tells me the target is 850 when its really 700…for example.

I fire the missile and don’t even touch the mouse…takes a rapid nose dive. I haven’t seen this on other ATGMs.

I just did a test drive and it is more accurate firing the atgm from outside the tank, but its hard to be accurate at range.

They almost all do it. Probably to simulate the ti.e difference between the charge that expels it from the tube and the booster engine firing.

When it says the target is at 850, does it have a <850? That means you may have not quite gotten on the vehicle and the rangefinding action actually happened on an open space or something behind your target.

No, the range I am talking about doesnt have a >.

That is somewhat unusual to me, but I rarely use the rangefinder unless I have a laser rangefinder, so hopefully someone else can help out.

Given the questionable accuracy of the BMP-1’s gun, I wouldn’t use it over 350m.

The ATGM nose diving though I can’t explain.

The rangefinder isn’t needed/useful with ATGMs since they are guided.
You need to just learn the behavior of the missile and learn to anticipate that drop. Aim high before firing and then (slowly) bring the aim down onto the target.

Two things, when was the video posted, also, what missile are you using?