BMP-1 (ZT3/30)

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Between 2003 and 2005 two South African defence firms ATE International and IST Dynamics were contracted by the Algerian army to upgrade their BMP-1 and T-72M1 tanks. For this forum post we will focus on the BMP-1 upgrade. For testing and evaluating the upgrades in South Africa, the defence firms utilised one of the numerous BMP-1 vehicles which was captured during the South African Border War. For the upgraded BMP-1 a new unmanned turret was developed, equipped with a 30mm cannon, ZT3 Ingwe ATGM launcher, 40mm grenade launcher and a 7.62mm machine gun. The unmanned turret also made use of thermal imaging sights, laser range finder and target tracking. After initial development and testing in South Africa, the modifications were then sent to Algeria for operational evaluation. Unfortunately, after evaluation ATE and IST was not contacted for the production of the BMP-1 upgrade. In 2006 ATE and IST would unveil the modified BMP-1 to the public for the first time at the 2006 African Aerospace and Defence expo (AAD) held at AFB Ysterplaat, in order to market it towards other countries which also operate the BMP-1. Sadly, due to limited interest for the BMP-1 upgrade from ATE and IST, the project was scrapped leading to the BMP-1 being donated to the South African Armour Museum in Bloemfontein where it is on display.



Main Armament: one 30mm cannon, three ZT3 ATGM’s

Secondary Armament: one 40mm grenade launcher, one 7.62mm MG

Crew: 3 (driver, gunner, commander)

Engine: Model V46-6, V-12

Horsepower: 780 hp

Gearbox: seven forward, one reverse

Top Speed: 66km/h

Hull Armour: (front: 19mm), (sides: 18mm), (rear: 16mm)

Thermal/Night sight: Yes

Smoke grenades: Yes



Primary Sources

Senior System Engineer: Pierre Thivend “ATE contact with Algerian Army” (page 3)

ATE/IST Information Board BMP-1 (2006 AAD)

South Africa Armoured Museum:

Secondary Sources:

TankNutDave (South Africa BMP-1) The Russian BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle -

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There are a lot more SA vehicles that could be added, this one’s probably best to go to a Squadron vehicle maybe? Similar to BMP-2M but for Britain since it has the SA sub-tree. Would definitely play it. +1


Yeah, the Badger IFV + AT version
Also prototyes built on the Rooikat hull like the SAM (mock-up?), 35mm with ZT missiles and also an ATGM version


Would make for an excellent and much-needed IFV addition to the UK/SA tree. +1

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Yeah i know about it. I’ve been waiting for it to be implemented, but i don’t think it will at all or anytime soon. Would rock that one in-game as well, i love the ZT3A2, the Rooikat variant would be even better.

That would be a good idea


+1 Very nice