BMD-1: Venerable Service

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489px-USSR_Airborne_troops_emblem1_1991. BMD-1: Venerable Service


A BMD-1P on display.

  • Basic Description :
    • The BMD-1, or Object 915, is an Airborne Infantry Combat Vehicle designed to be airdropped into combat zones to transport and support airborne units. The BMD-1 was designed by the Volgograd Tractor Plant, or VTZ in the former Soviet Union. Development began in 1965 in response to the lack of rapid response vehicles that could have been used during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The BMD-1 utilizes the same turret/weapon system of the newly developed BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). The main gun, the 2A28 ‘Grom’ 73mm Gun was a low-pressure smoothbore gun designed to fire ammunition, modified from the SPG-9 recoilless gun developed in the early 1960’s. Coupled to the gun is a coaxial 7.62mm PKT machine gun as well as a 9S428 ATGM Launcher, capable of firing the 9M14 ‘Malyutka’, or ‘Baby’ missile. Two additional 7.62mm PKT machine guns are mounted on the port and starboard side of the vehicle. The vehicle, to meet weight requirements, utilized ABT-101 aluminum alloy plating that was welded together, designed to provide basic protection against small arms. The engine utilized was the 5D20 15.9L 4-stroke V6 Diesel Engine capable of producing 240hp which was coupled to a manual 4-forward, 1-reverse transmission that allowed the vehicle to attain speeds in excess of 60km/h. This was vital as the vehicle was designed to have high mobility to support ground units and rapidly capture positions. The suspension features a hydropneumatic design, capable of adjusting height through the supporting torsion bars, allowing to increase or decrease the vehicle’s clearance to cross terrain/obstacles or lower the overall profile. On top of mobility, the BMD-1 is amphibious capable, equipped with two front splash plates, bilge pumps, and trim vanes to allow stability while conducting water operations. The BMD-1 was designed to be carried by the An-12, and IL-76 transport aircraft used by the Soviet Airforce, and airdropped using the MKS-350-9 multi-canopy parachute which was later replaced by the PRSM-915 rocket parachute to prevent vehicle damage. The BMD-1 is operated by a Driver, and Gunner, and can transport 5 additional personnel including the Commander of the attached squad. A R-123M Radio is installed for secure battlefield communications. In 1969, the BMD-1 entered service with the Soviet Airborne Forces, or the VDV, seeing service in the Soviet-Afghan War beginning in 1979. The BMD-1 was in production from 1968 until 1987 with over 2,000 produced. Another variant of the BMD-1 developed early on was the BMD-1K, or the command variant of the BMD-1 which was equipped with more communication equipment for battlefield situational awareness.
    • In 1979, small modernization program began for the BMD-1 that was focused on lethality and concealment of the BMD-1. This new variant, dubbed the BMD-1P, was developed in 1977 by the VTZ. The BMD-1P featured a new anti-tank guided missile system that was capable of firing the newly developed 9M113 ‘Konkurs’ missile which has increased speed and penetration over the 9M14/9M14M missile. This new missile is fired from the 9P135 Launcher which is mounted on the rear of the turret and must be fired from outside the vehicle. The operator can aim and fire the system using the 9Sh119M1 Daylight Sight, which then is guided by the 9S451 Guidance Device which offers SALCOS capability. This eases strain on the operator and increases accuracy of the missile altogether. In 1986, the new version of the 9M113 ‘Konkurs’ missile, the 9M113M ‘Konkurs-M’ was developed that was equipped with a tandem-HEAT warhead, capable of punching through more armor as well as through explosive reactive armor (ERA). This new missile system utilizes the 9P135M Launcher, 9S451M Guidance Device, and an optional 1PN65 Thermal Sight for night operations. This system was mounted on the BMD-1P as well, increasing firepower at the cost of crew exposure. The missile launcher can be removed by the attached squad and mounted on a tripod during mechanized operations. Another upgrade is the inclusion of 6x 81mm 902V ‘Tucha’ Smoke Grenades which deploys a smoke screen up to 200-300m away from the vehicle, offering protection against IR missiles as well as offering a way to retreat from overwhelming combat situations. The BMD-1P entered service in 1979 in the Soviet VDV, and served through the fall of the Soviet Union, and currently serves in the Russian Airborne Forces, or VDV today along with the BMD-1. Some other operators include the Ukraine, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, formerly Iraq, and other nations. The BMD-1P has seen active combat, being deployed in Georgia, Ukraine, Iraq, and other theaters.
    • Note: The BMD-1 and BMD-1P are very similar, with the only difference being the 9S428 ATGM launcher removed and replaced by the 9P135M Launcher. This same upgrade/modification has been applied to the BMP-1/BMP-1P found in-game.
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Airborne Infantry Combat Vehicle
    • Origin/Manufacturer:
      • USSR - Volgograd Tractor Plant (VTZ)
    • Armament :
      • Primary: 73mm 2A28 ‘Grom’ Smoothbore Low-pressure Gun
        • Cartridge: 73mm
        • Ammunition (40rds):
          • PG-15V HEAT
          • OG-15V HE-FRAG
        • Stabilization: Manual
        • Elevation/Depression: +30° to -5°
        • Traverse Rate: ~20°/s
        • Reload Mechanism: Electro-mechanical Autoloader
      • Coaxial: PKT 7.62mm Machine Gun
      • Bow-mounted: 2x PKT 7.62mm Machine Gun
      • Roof-mounted:
        • Early -9M14 Malyutka/9M14M ‘Malyutka-M’ (AT-3A/B) ATGM (4x Missiles)
          • 9S428 ATGM Launcher:
            • Optics:
              • 9S428 Control System/Periscope
            • Guidance: Manpack Control Box/Wire-guided/MCLOS
            • Rate of Fire (RoF): 3 Missiles/Min
              • Missile(s):
                • 9M14
                  • Warhead: HEAT
                  • Penetration: ~400mm of RHA
                  • Diameter: 125mm
                  • Weight: 14.5kg (Missile only)
                  • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor
                  • Range: 75-3,000m
                  • Speed:
                    • Max: 115m/s
                • 9M14M
                  • Warhead: HEAT
                  • Penetration: ~400mm of RHA
                  • Diameter: 125mm
                  • Weight: 14.5kg (Missile only)
                  • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor
                  • Range: 75-3,000m
                  • Speed:
                    • Max: 115m/s
        • Late -9M113 ‘Konkurs’/9M113M ‘Konkurs-M’ (AT-5) ATGM (4x Missiles)
          • 9P135M Launcher:
            • Optics:
              • 9Sh119M1 Daylight Sight
              • 1PN65 Thermal Sight
            • Guidance: 9S451M Guidance Device/Wire-guided/SALCOS
            • Elevation: -10/+20 degrees
            • Rate of Fire (RoF): 3 Missiles/Min
              • Missile(s):
                • 9M113
                  • Warhead: HEAT
                  • Penetration: ~500mm of RHA
                  • Diameter: 135mm
                  • Weight: 14.5kg (Missile only)
                  • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor (and Booster)
                  • Range: 75-4,000m (3,500m Passively)
                  • Speed:
                    • Average: 208m/s
                    • Max: 300m/s
                • 9M113M
                  • Warhead: Tandem HEAT
                  • Penetration: 750-800mm of RHA behind ERA
                  • Diameter: 135mm
                  • Weight: 14.5kg (Missile only)
                  • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor (and Booster)
                  • Range: 75-4,000m (3,500m Passively)
                  • Speed:
                    • Average: 208m/s
                    • Max: 300m/s
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 5.40m
      • Width: 2.63m
      • Height: 1.97m
      • Weight: 7.2t
    • Mobility :
      • Max Speed: 60km/h (9-10km/h afloat)
      • Transmission: Manual (4-Forward, 1-Reverse)
      • Suspension: Hydropneumatic
        • Variable Height:
          • Ground Clearance: 100-450mm
      • Engine: 240hp - 5D20 15.9L 4-stroke V6 Diesel Engine
    • Crew:
      • Commander
      • Gunner
      • Driver
      • 4x Additional Personnel
    • Additional Features:
      • 6x 902V 81mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
      • Rangefinder
      • Amphibious
      • F-125 IR Searchlight
      • Aluminum Armor:
        • 15mm at 78° upper hull front
        • 15mm at 50° lower hull front
        • 10mm hull sides and rear
        • 26 to 33mm mantlet
        • 23mm at 42° turret front
        • 19mm at 36° turret side
        • 13mm at 30° turret rear
        • 6mm turret top
    • Optics:
      • Gunner:
        • 1PN22M1 Combined Imaging Sight
          • Night Vision Periscope
      • Commander:
        • Rotatable MK-4S Day Periscope
      • Driver:
        • 2-3x TNPO-170 Day Periscopes
        • TVNE-1
          • Night Vision Periscope
  • In-game :
    • The BMD-1 is a unique vehicle, matching the BMP-1/BMP-1P in game as well as having additional features such as the adjustable suspension and bow mounted machine guns which allows new opportunities. The BMD-1 should receive the ability to upgrade to the BMD-1P, similarly to the added BMP-1 in-game.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 7.3.
  • Sources:




The BMD-1 on display in Verkhnya Pyshma, Russia.

BMD-1P on display.


The BMD-3, BMD-2, and BMD-1 on display at the Airborne Command School.


A BMD-1 serving in Kabul, Afghanistan.

BMD-1-camo1.png BMD-1-9M111Fagot.png

BMD-1-pallet.png BMD-1-Azerbaidjan.png

BMD-1-Ukrainian.png BMD-1-Iraqi.png

Artists illustrations of different BMD-1’s used by the Soviet Union and other user nations.



The turret and autoloader of the BMD-1.


The diesel engine inside the BMD-1.


+1, I’d want specifically the BMD-1 (not P) so it can be a lower BR to run with the IS-3.

It’s a bit hard what this would bring to the game in comparison to the BMP-1, but it is an iconic vehicle.

Same thing but with an adjustable chassis really. Could get foldered with the BMP-1(P) in-game already.

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Yeah the adjustable suspension is kind of cool. Do you know if it could lower/raise it on only the front/back? Would be kind of cool if you could use it to get more depression out of the vehicle.

Pretty sure it’s only up and down. I’ll have to double check, it’s been a while.

Yes yes yes yes!